Episode 8.16 - Turbulence - Casting Sides


  1. I have a feeling Tess will try to flirt or seduce Clark.There was a spoiler out that said Tess will try to be with Clark romantically.

  2. Hmmm...

    Clearly Jimmy is not a happy bunny. And is Oliver Queen STILL living out of his jet??! What happened to his Clocktower Apartment or his bachelor pad in Star City?

    I wonder if Tess is setting Clark up to use his abilities in her presence, like Lana did.

  3. Wow, Davis is using Doomsday to kill bad guys.
    So he's trying to do the "right thing" but in the wrong way.
    (Or is it the wrong thing for the right reasons?)

  4. I'd like to see some sort of romantic entanglement between Davis and Chloe - then they will become the ultimate doomed romance like between a vampire and human sort of thing.

    Admitted fang-girl here, only started to watch because of the romance that started between Chloe and Doomsday. Another fan of that genre suggested it and I started watching it, now I'm hooked, I'm not even really interested in the romance between Lois and Clark, but Chloe and doomsday, whew! Their tension melt the wallpaper off the walls!

    Jimmy looks as if he is hallucinating big time, but that his subconscious is acting up to give him a scoop on whats up.

  5. Aawwwww! I'm so SAD! All of the 'Casting Sides' that you posted are now Gone! There's a message about them "no longer being available due to Copyright Infringement".

    So, I am only getting a 'hint' of what was revealed in the partial script side by reading others comments about what they read and their impressions of what it may be about.

    Was there something I did to make that message come up? Or is there something I may do to bring them up again? I'm so disappointed.


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