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Question: What can you tell me about the upcoming Smallville episode, "Hex"? I hear that by some magic spell Chloe turns into Lois, which has further inflamed the rivalry between Chloe fans and Lois fans. -- Trisha
Ausiello: Well, if that inflamed it, then this little spoiler is going to, um, er,… drive it one notch above inflamed. In one scene from the ep, Clark stares lovingly into Chloe's eyes, but only because he thinks it's Lois. It's at that moment that Chloe learns how hard Clark has fallen for Lois. Um, awkward!

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  1. **Warning: Rant Alert: Read at your own peril**

    Ladies and gentlemen lets add Chloe to the never-ending list of characters here and there and everywhere to pimp Clois. WTF! Who's next on the pimpage list? Lana? Will they bring in Ma Kent to tell them they are M2B? Will they resurrect Papa Kent next to witness the awesomesauce of iconic destined infinite love between L&C? What ridiculous anvil will fall next? Lame. Lame. Lame!

    I'm sorry to those offended, I don't have problem with Clois (w/o the extra glorification that is) because I know it's endgame/destiny/whatever, but the anvils/pimpage gives me a headache. Some things written this year makes me what to pull my hair out. Like constantly hearing the characters say "Lois and Clark" or "Lana and Clark" (Bride). Whatever happened to "you and I" or "we" or "us"? These ridiculous anvils and having everyone in the universe TELL us that L&C are M2B is really becoming tiresome and making the ship less enjoyable. But maybe that's just me. I'm just getting really tired of being TOLD the same thing over and over and over and over again.... my head's gonna explode.

    Bottomline: PS3, please just stop it already and SHOW us the REAL deal with Lois and Clark rather than TELL us with aggravating anvils and pimpage because it's NOT cute anymore (like it was back in season 5) Especially now this season because it's getting really old and lame.

    Also, one last thing. Is this supposed to be some twisted spin on that ridiculous Chlois theory? If so, I must ask why, PS3, why? Why resurrect something that was dead and buried (as far as I'm concerned) when Lois entered the show? Just keep faning the flames why don't you. *rolleyes*

    **End Rant**

  2. owkay, DANA1752, Im A Huge (Huge) Clois Fan And When They Constently Say "Lois And Clark" Instead of as you said "Us" "You" "Them" It Can Get Annoying But, How Is Clark Stearing loving at lois An Anvil? Just Curious, anyway, YAY, Love This Spoiler. can't wait to see this episode.

  3. "How is Clark stearing love at Lois an anvil?"

    That part I was referring to the excess pimpage that I assume they are gonna use Chloe for in this episode. (Hence the Chloe in Lois' shoes (literally) purpose.) Like with Ollie, Jimmy, Kara, the Horny Alien, the Psycho dude from Committed, etc., I'm sure I'm missing some. And now Chloe will be added to the "L&C are M2B" cheerleader squad. I could be wrong, but it seems likely. I'm sure these events probably pleases most die-hard Cloisers, but to me, a non-shipper of the sorts, it's a bit annoying. It just seems like some of these episodes sole or main purpose is to TELL us L&C are destined which is dumb to me because everyone already knows that (or at least they should). I guess that kinda stuff doesn't appeal to me, but is tolerable in small dosages, but the writers are OD'ing us. Just my opinion anyway, don't mean to offend any Cloisers, I know you guys are enjoying this season immensely. And it is good, it's just some things just erk the hell out of me, that's all. Anyway, nevermind me, I just "de-lurked" for a sec to get that off my chest.

    **goes back in "lurk" mode**

  4. it is so hard for me - I'm both a chlark fan and a clois fan.

  5. I assume you mean in the romantic sense so how can you be a Chlark AND a Clois fan? That's impossible. At any rate you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Clark only wants one of them. Hint: It's not Chloe.

  6. I've never understood why Chlark fans want Chloe to be with someone who isn't interested in her AT ALL romantically.
    Besides, Chloe sucks cuz she's treated Lois like crap for the past 3, a lot of stuff started going downhill at 2nd half of S5, including lois and chloe's relationship.

  7. I've never understood why Clois fans want Lois to be with someone who treated her cousin like crap ASIDE from the fact that her name is Lois Lane and it's Omg-70-years-iconic-of-iconic-ness-destiny for her and Clark to be together. /sarcasm. Lois knows the history between Clark and Chloe and yet she's all gaga for him this season. Nevermind the fact that she told Chloe that she could do better (and I agreed) but now she's the one pining. And how the hell has Chloe treated Lois like crap? Lois wouldn't even be in existence right now if not for Chloe. I'm not a fan of romaChlark (that ship sailed and sunk) nor am I fan of Clois (that ship makes no sense to me outside the realm of mythos). In my opinion, Chloe should be with no one on the show given the options and Lois should have stayed with Oliver. My preferred ship never left the harbor. But I am a fan of Chloe and I don't get why Chloe has to be bashed because you don't like Chlark. Anyway, I do, however, agree that the Chlo-Lo ship has suffered greatly, but I blame the writers because instead of focusing on sensible writing for the familial pair, they're too busy pandering to different fan groups.

  8. uuuummmm, yes awkward indeed. ouch! that one is gonna hurt. i don't think i wanna watch this one.

  9. Clark fallen hard for Lois?? OMG I'm so happy!! Can't wait to see this epi!
    Clois <3

  10. *Rant Alert...Sort of* I'm posting this with Warmest Regards and Peace.

    Hi All, ...I'd like to share My Opinion about 'HEROES and SUPERHEROES' concerning Romantic Relationships that's been an Observation I've made spanning Many years. I know Superman has been around for 70 years, but I only want to speak about the last 50 yrs. since that's what I personally remember. BTW, It'sMHO that "Hex" sounds like it'll be interesting as well as entertaining. It may or may not be a 'relationship'-driven episode, but I'm hoping that it'll be another Definite Stepping-Stone in Clark's journey toward becoming Superman. I'm anxious to watch the Whole story.

    Since I remember the last 50 yrs., it's obvious that I was a young child in the 50s. We had a Lot of Westerns, P.I.'s, Policemen, and Soldiers in movies, TV, and on Radio. The 'good' guys had 'white' hats, the 'bad' guys had 'black' hats, etc. The Good Guy always got the girl to 'smile' at and Sing to, but he seemed to love his horse more than the girl. If he actually kissed her, which was rare, the little boys who were my friends used to hide their faces with their hands and make sounds that showed their distaste. They called kissing 'mushy stuff'. The 'men folk' thought that it wasn't necessary and that the 'hero' was 'weak' for showing his 'feelings' for a woman. So, the cowboy rode off into the sunset Alone with his horse & guitar.

    We had "Sky King" who was a hero-type Pilot of a single engine air plane who had a girlfriend he talked to and made googily eyes at, but no 'mushy stuff'. I remember Tarzan: King of the Jungle, who had Jane along with their pet chimpanzee, "Cheetah", and the little boy they 'Found' whose name was "Boy". We had the upright, loyal & dutiful Policemen who often had wives. However, even the married coules slept in twin beds and mostly displayed affection for each other with a chaste kiss on the cheek. We ALSO had Superman/CK and Lois Lane. Of course, their relationships were 'Platonic' just like All the rest of the relationships 'Of Those Times' were. The "Censors" had 'Rules' that Dictated those limitations.

    Even as a child, I thought it was Weird. I hated that Ridiculous stuff that I later called 'Romance Avoidance'. The facade was too far removed from Real Life, but it was All that we had.

    War was popular, so "The Soldiers" were 'allowed' to have romantic relationships and it was commendable and encouraged for them to have a 'girl' or woman to Love and to 'be Loved' by at home especially, but also abroad. It was understood that they needed that emotional, psychological, and sometimes spiritual connection/anchor and support to 'Sustain' them while they continued to "Fight the Good Fight" for our country. Any girl or 'love interest' who had once pledged their love to a 'fighting' soldier and wrote that soldier a 'Dear John' letter was considered as a type of abandonment. She was a theoretical candidate for 'execution'! I hope you all understand the 'POINT' I'm trying to make here.

    As always, Superman had an Alter-Ego who was a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet named Clark Kent. He worked along side Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane, which was the only time he 'wasn't alone'. He didn't seem to Have a Personal life outside his 'job' and doing his 'super' thing. He never outwardly showed any Romantic feelings toward Lois, but the audience knew that he 'cared'. It was so 'SAD'! In the late 70s to mid 80s the Superman movies allowed for Superman/Clark Kent to advance to a more romantic relationship with Lois, but only for a short while. (I missed the whole Superboy TV series, so I can't comment on him.) Then, in the 90s, we had 4 yrs. of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Lois & Clark were allowed to progress and actually get Married, and I found their relationship to be emotionally satisfying. I Loved to see Clark make that 'emotional' connection he seemed to 'need'. I LOVED Clark Kent for what he 'Felt' (who he was), Not for what he 'Did' ...just like he explained to Lois in one episode.

    In the whole universe, fictional or real, most likely, there are and will be endless, gigantic Battles to be fought. In Superman's universe, it's expected. It Can't be All About the 'Action', or that would truly be Boring, IMO. Superman/CK HAS to be MORE than that. Superman is Unique among superheroes, so his existence deserves to be Sustained differently from all the rest. He is also the 'good guy' who would love and devote himself, loyally, to ONLY ONE woman. So, WHY shouldn't the 'Blossoming' Romantic relationSHIP between him and Lois on SMALLVILLE 'Declare' its monumental Importance in Clark's life? Just as in the case of the 'fighting soldier', Clark needs an emotional and psychological anchor to support and Enable him to continue "Fighting the Good Fight". His 'complete' relationship with Lois is what 'Balances' his life. He couldn't become our 'Favorite' hero without that 'embellishment'. I think the writers have figured this out, and since this is the year that Clark figures out HOW to become Superman, CLOIS Has to develop in a parallel fashion, too, as part of his 'Journey'.

    IMHO, Superman is the Greatest 'Fictional' superhero that we've ever known. He's the Ultimate 'good guy' who sacrifices all to help anyone he can. WHY should he be alone? In All the universe, LOVE is the Only thing that makes the 'Fight' Worth Fighting for afterall, no matter how 'glorious' the battles.

    WHY all the Fuss over the RelationSHIP(S)? I'd like to think that attitudes and ideals concerning Superman/CK and his 'humanity' have Changed over the last 50 years.


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