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I'm dying to know what happens to Smallville's Chloe (Allison Mack) in the wake of Doomsday kidnapping her at her wedding! — Ms. C
MATT: I just got off the horn with Sam Witwer (aka Davis/Doomy), and he says the Jan. 15 episode picks up more or less with "the absolute aftermath" of that wedding-smashing. How will Chloe bounce back from her abduction by the abomination? "That's a good question," Witwer hedges. "Chloe has an alter ego [aka Brainiac] as well, and that plays into how she's going to progress as a character." As for critically injured Jimmy, his assailant's portrayer kindly offers, "I'm hoping the guy pulls through."

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  1. He really doesn't reveal much, at least not much I don't already know, but thanks for posting. Chloe and Davis' story arc is what I've found the most interesting this season. I hope they build more on their relationship after Brainiac is finally exorcised from her. Now if only Doomsday could be exorcised from Davis, they could have a happy ending:) Wishful thinking, I know, but a girl can have hope can't she? Sorry, but I don't really like Chimmy. And I love Davis' character aside from his Doomsday counterpart. That's all for now.

  2. I like Chloe and Jimmy, just not together. So I don't want Jimmy to die, besides I don't think he can be killed off considering he's supposed to be Superman's pal and co-worker in the future. I do like Davis. He's so charming and sweet and incredibly hot and I like his friendship with Chloe, but considering his alter ego, they won't have happy ending. I am anxious to see what happened in the fortress with them though.

  3. ugh! i really wish jiimmy could be like semi-permanently hospitalized, like in a coma or somethin and then wake from it years later since we know he can't die or whatever because he's in the comics. i just want him out of the way for more chloom. looking forward to chloiac kicking arse in legion:)


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