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Is there anything in the Smallville episode "Hex" that furthers the Clark-Lois relationship? — Trisha
MATT: It's fair to say there's a little something for every fan base in this season's 17th outing, in which a truly magical magician fulfills Chloe's wish to have Lois' "easy" life ... by transplanting her into her cousin's body. While my frenemy already teased a "longing look" between Clark and "Lois" — and Erica Durance's admirers can obviously count on seeing gobs of their fave actress — Chloe fans should be very pleased with an epiphany their girl reaches at episode's end. By the way, you know Clark gets a wish granted as well, right?

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  1. An epiphany? What? That she totally jumped the gun in marrying Jimmy and that maybe she misses her reporter!self and wants to get back into journalism? One could only hope. Normally, based on some of the spoilers, I would think that the epiphany would be something like she's okay with Clois because she's, surprisingly, not affected by it because her feelings for Clark are officially gone. But since they've already established, many times, that she's over Clark and given the fact that they said "Chloe fans will be VERY pleased", I doubt that's the case. And since many Chloe were upset with the Chimmy marriage and her unneccessary end in journalism, I'm just gonna HOPE it has something to do with that.


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