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Thanks to michel for the heads up on some upcoming spoilers

- Chloe and Jimmy will "try to manage life" after the wedding but things will not be easy for them.
- Tess's league of super-powered villains will be let loose at some point this season. ("Injustice," anyone?)
- Souders notes that Clark's double identity will face new challenges, and that Oliver and other members of the Justice League haven't had the same struggles with developing their superhero identities, because their first identities aren't lies. For Clark, the transition is harder because Clark Kent, farmboy, is already a mask. She adds that Clark's humanity also gets in the way.
- The producers have planned two different potential arcs to end Season 8, depending on if there is another season. Regardless of when it happens, the final episode will be "either a heroic send-off or a heartbreaking decision for Clark to move on to the next phase." Souders is confident that the show could work for a ninth season. "People have been telling Superman stories for decades, so we have no doubt we can tell stories for another year," she says.
- Regarding romantic futures for Clark and Lois: "After a near-kiss with Lois, emotions and lust are flying. Their chemistry is charging ful speed ahead, but let's face it, their insecure walls are getting in the way."

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  1. LUST!

    Excellent...Clark is due to take his shirt off. It's been so long.

  2. I read a season 9 ....AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope sooooo yipiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. credit KRYPTONSITE

    stop with that shit you're doing by put the link to yourself. It's totally wrong.

    About the spoiler...awesome, just hope for e end in a big note. And a Michael Rosenbaum guest in the last episodes of the series will totally rock.

  4. James: I assume that you are unware that KSite automatically deletes any links to spoilertv in their forums? If they don't have the decency to allow people to link back to us, I am sure not going to give them any links. They have even banned several people that I know of from their forums already.

    As soon as KSite allows people to post links to us again I will gladly start linking back to them.

    They are the ONLY site that does not link back to us and they are the ONLY site that we refuse to link back to. Says a lot about the owner of that site doesn't it.

  5. Clois + Lust??!! OMG I can't wait!!!

    and fingers crossed for a S9!

  6. PLEASE let there be a Season 9 - I hope Tom Welling signs back on! This season has been the best ever. It's won me over, unlike past ones. Smallville rocks!!


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