814 Requiem Teaser and full length Trailer

Here are the promos for next week which is Kristin Kreuk's final episode EVER of Smallville. We then get a break with repeats until the season resumes on March 5 with the airing of 815 Infamous.


  1. What the heck are they trying to do? Is this the return of seasons past? Are they going to make Lois wind up being Lana’s sloppy seconds?

    This is just plain wrong. There should have been no return of the Clana crap. Lana returns and there goes SuperClark and we get “treated” to SuperLana. Blech.

    Lana doesn’t deserve a “heroic and beautiful send off” She was and is a powerhungry, lying, stealing, torturing, murdering witch. Did she suddenly get washed clean? She did it all for selfish reasons again. She was just plain jealous of Clark’s abilities. She had to become invincible so she could have him, because she knew in the long run Clark would choose the world over her. Lana couldn’t stand that. The sun is supposed to revolve around her and only at her behest. Now he doesn’t have to choose, she can go with him. UGH! Selfish %*&%*$

    Lana “I hope”is gone for good after this episode, then we can return to the good episodes of Clark and Lois as we were promised at the beginning of the season.


  2. Oh shut up moaning about Lana.
    You've all made your minds up to hate lana and so whenever you see her, no matter how good or bad the scene people still bitch about it.
    This next episode looks to be amazing, and since Lana is leaving for good, you'd think everyone would be happy.

  3. I'm certainly NOT gonna like this episode. Yes, we know that this is Lana's last appearance, but they make it look like she is not just the first love of Clark, it's like she is his great and FOREVER love, which leaves Lois as a second choice. I really don't want her to die:it'll look like Clark will be with Lois not because of his deep love, but because Lana's not around which erases all the mythology of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Writers seriously screwed the last two episodes and the next is going to be no better. Clark regressed. Lana has equal powers. There's lot of Blahna and no Lois. WHAT'S THERE TO WATCH?

  4. I hate Lana. Good riddance, as far as I'm concerned. She got obnoxious four seasons ago, and I thought this season was one of the best until she returned. I want to see more of Lois and Tess and all the characters that made this show worth watching past last season.

  5. Wow, this episode looks TERRIBLE.
    The only bright spot I can see is Olliver.

  6. poor clark, this shows about his growth and you'd think he';d be past lana lang by now, i mean she's been in and out for 8 years, i gave to say as a writer i'm disappointed in the attempt to provide closure to the clark and lana relationship. that ship was meant to have sailed seasons ago, i do however respect that they want to give lana lang and clark kent's story a good fairwell, so whats fair is fair.
    Lets just hope that its a decision they both make, accepting their destinies arent entwined, and neither characters are left hanging on.
    Bring on the Lois Lane!

  7. Yep, if Clark goes back to Lois because his great love (Lana) dies, then the I'll write off Smallville and not wast my time watching it. Clark needs to leave Lana because she's selfish or bad and Lois becomes is greatest love, (then kill Lana) or Lois and Clark don't mean anything, and the show will be crap because they will be noway to fix it if Lana dies as Clark love.

  8. Anon 19:36, Lana is not going to die, she has always been in the mythos and that won't change. I think this episode should be pretty good with the Lex storyline as well as the Toyman coming. I've always loved Lana's character and will be sad to see her go. I would imagine that somehow Lana will lose her powers and then leave.

  9. If the goal of the trailer was to make me want to watch this episode, it failed miserably. I've had enough of the Clana drama, thank you very much. I'll watch Bones until Lois comes back.

  10. I cannot believe what has happened to this show! The Lang now has super powers so they're a super couple?! Way too campy for me!!!
    I hope that this Lois Lane NEVER gets together with this weasel Clark Kent! She is way too good to be the rebound!!! He is such a pathetic weasel! Once again these writers spat all of these characters and fans!

  11. Oh GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!LANA JUST DIE ALREADY !!!!YEA right! I'll watch Bones until Lois comes back too!

  12. Yes I too am sick to the back teeth of all the Clark and Lana stuff and yes Lana has become a bitch and I'm no big fan of her, but I would argue that the blame rests with Lex (AND Clark Kent) for letting her get caught in the middle. Lex was obsessed with finding out about Clark, so he quite happily used her to that end. wasn't Clark the hero supposed to protect her? I think he should take his share of the responsibility of letting Lana get led down the dark path that she did, marrying Lex luthor for God's sake. Instead all I see when Lana turns up at Chloe's wedding is Clark acting all butthurt and angry rather than realizing he is the one to blame for Lana becoming the woman that she is now. And yeah whoever said Clark is a pathetic weasel: ABSOLUTE WORD. Does anyone else remember how Lex sent that blonde bimbo type to brainwash Clark and drive Lana in his direction, about two or three seasons back? Yeah. I also remember an episode before where they gave Lana powers. They doing it again?!?!?! sometimes I don't know why I even watch this, I've already given it the heave ho about twice.

    whatevs. I only watch this show because it fills the wait for my next fix of heroes and 24.

  13. I am just annoyed that they've blown lana lang's character WAY out of proportion-in the comics she was just a onetime romance-the one clark first found himself attracted to but it didn't work out-it certainly did not span over 8 years and leak into anything to do with lois and clark.*the exception being the new adventures of superman where they refer to lana when clark goes to smallville*
    LOIS LANE was the EPIC love of Clark Kent. not Lana-freaking Lang.

  14. yeah I mean how many more times can clark and lana look dreamily into each others eyes before it gets really really old? I wonder what the show's more devoted fans (if there are any) feel about all this. isn't anyone else sick of clark and his rose-coloured goggles for lana? she clearly is not the nice girl he once fell for anymore.

  15. anon 00:35 31 jan and Luke, you can't hardly blame these folk for bitching about it a bit. I mean this show just keeps retreading the same old waters over and over again, especially with clark/lana. it's hard to believe there are folks out there who lap it right up every time.

  16. well, so much for all the character growth that was written into clark during the start of season 8.
    I think i'll just stick to the mythos and pretend smallville didnt happen.

  17. I agree with Kent on this one.

  18. There is nothing wrong with anything they have done so far as long as they end it the right way.

    CLARK must choose to end it with Lana and not because he is trying to protect her but because he sees she is not the same person anymore.

    I fully expect Lana to be the hero this episode but I fully expect her to do it in a way that Clark realizes that they could never be together as they are different people now.


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