Episode 8.13 - Power - Promotional Photos

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Source: CW


  1. NOOOOOOOOO....not Lana&Clarkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;((((

  2. ughh Clana! Just ruined my day that did! (even though i already knew it was going to happen!)

    Hehe Allison Looks cute with here headphones, Miss Big-Shot Director :P

    Ahh roll on march thats all i have to say :D x

  3. When Will It Ever End, Lana really needs to vanish already.

  4. Jesus, they're doing this to send Lana off for good and people still moan at every chance they get.
    "Lana this, Lana that."
    Just wait and see. I am confident, based on season 8 so far, that the writers will handle it correctly

  5. Clana rock my soxs!!!!! heart them in all their sexyness!

  6. Luke is right. Wouldn't it be smart to at least wait to complain until after you've seen the episode(s)? Oh, I forgot. People have to moan everytime Lana takes a dump.

  7. omg! is Allison Directing? That is so cool I didn't know she was interested in that but then again I didn't know that Chad M Murray was too lol! I love the photos can't wait except I hate hate hate Clana can you say ugh they are not meant to be why do they keep doing this to us Clois fans??????? I am so annoyed & where the heck has Erica been the last episode? I miss her sarcasm & her connection with Clark now they ARE meant to be I love them :) can't wait for the big kiss scene in epi 12 :)

  8. Lois Lane ROCKS!!!22 January 2009 at 09:30

    Ugh! These writers will never learn. I cannot believe they are kissing. 7 years of this on again off again angst with them. After such a stellar season so far, these writers just can't allow Clark to step up and realize those feelings are gone? How in the world are fans EVER suppose to believe that after watching him obsess over Lang, how could we ever believe he could ever love Lois Lane, you know, the ultimate love of his life?!! I'm telling you, Millar and Gough are really back as ghost writers. They couldn't stay away from obsessing over Lang. I can't wait for her to be gone but then again, then we'll have to watch Clark mope around and talk about her for the rest of the season. These writers have the perfect opportunity to make this Clark Kent/Red n Blue Blur and Lois Lane EPIC, but do they do it, no, or course not. Especially since Erica Durance is not in many more episodes for the rest of the season!!! Once again, much more story telling, emotions and acting is wasted on The Lang. These writers will never ever learn.


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