Episode 8.15 - Infamous - Air Date

Thanks to Hells Bells for the heads up.

Infamous is now scheduled to air on 5th March 2009.

Source: CW


  1. Source: CW. Riiiight. Why don't you credit KryptonSite when you take things from them?

  2. I didn't know Ksite made and produced Smallville. Of course the source is CW. Are you dim?

  3. Not dim. I just know KryptonSite posted this last night, and like everything else they post, DarkUFO felt the need to repost it without credit.

    Just like they did with the spoilers lifted word for word and the "Stiletto" episode title the other day.

    "Hells Bells" does not exist.

    But hey, if you want to give business to a content thief, more power to ya.

  4. To Anon:

    1) Yes hells bells exists, if you are brave enough to email me direct I'll send you their email address and you can discuss how real they are with them direct

    2) We did credit KS for the Stiletto. Are you unable to read?

    3) I didn't see KS credit us when they copied a summary for the sides we post? But hey, that would not make for a good rant on your behalf.

    4) KS has banned our readers and bans our links in thier forums. They started this.

    So please oh so brave "anon" try to get your facts straight. Oh I forgot, why let facts get in the way of a good story.

    If you want to continue this conversation please feel free to email me rather than clogging up the comments with your drivel.

  5. Well said DarkUFO.

    Not sure if I appear dim but what was the date before?

  6. Thanks Luke, as I suspected I'm still waiting for that email ;)

    As for the date, I don't believe that the CW had actually released an official date of airing.

  7. Goodness. Sorry people are jerks DarkUFO. Turds.

  8. LOL Camilla, don't worry :) I've gotten used it to as the site has become more popular. All sorts of crazy loons are out there :)


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