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On behalf of the millions of Lois Lane fans, I'm looking for scoopage. What can you tell us about her part in "Infamous," which is tentatively scheduled to air March 5? P.S. Where are those new Smallville promo shots you said were taken in November? — Becca
MATT: Millions, eh? "Infamous" brings Lois back with a considerable bang when meteor-freak reporter Linda Lake (Tori Spelling) blackmails Clark into doing her bidding, lest she spill his super secret. Nice try, Donna. Clark is no one's bitch, so he decides to give Lois the "exclusive" on his abilities. P.S. Coming very soon. Don't blink.

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  1. I can't wait for Erica Durance's Lois Lane to return with new episodes!!!! I LOVE her!!! But what a blow to the gut it is that we have to wait all the way until March to see new episodes of Lois Lane. I can't bare to watch these next four episodes with Lang in them, especially since Saturn Girl tells Lang that she's part of the reason Clark becomes the hero... I'll wait until March to begin watching the show again.

  2. Legion should be awesome... even with Lana. I wish they would stop swapping Lana and Lois out for eachother.

  3. LOL to the second anonymous.. I know, I wouldn't have minded if Lois and Lana were there at the same time, but I guess since the writers have never portrayed them as competition, they didn't want to end Lana's arc like that either.. which I'm grateful for since I like both characters but still sad that Lois won't be around.

  4. lois... I miss you

  5. ok why is lana still around and why the hell does clark still not know how to fly....


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