Smallville Stars go Green

New PSA with the cast of Smallville


  1. The cast of Smallville...minus it's biggest star, Tom Welling. I love how whenever they are trying to promote the show for any reason, Tom is inexplicably absent. I haven't seen him do an interview in the longest time, but I guess if all his other cast mates go out and promote the show, he doesn't have to. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing him in the least, I just find it funny that it's the cast of Smallville but they don't have their biggest draw in attendance.

  2. Thanks for the clip! And I am really asking myself why Tom isn´t in this one. It´s for a good cause. Oh well....

  3. He drives a big Range Rover- maybe going Green isn't his never know...I think they had the GREEN ARROW leading the charge for an obvious reason....Tom is in the middle of big negotiations with the network I have a feeling that if they come to an agreement for season 9 we will see him out promoting things again.

  4. I also noticed Tom Welling wasn't in this, but I'm not surprised, since he doesn't do much publicty at all in the last several years. He has whatever reasons he has, and I'm not knocking him either, but it would be nice to see him too. I think is a clever twist they have the Green Arrow leading the charge too, not just because of the name, but his character is also kind of known to be an activist of social stuff, and this seems like the kind of cause and thing the character would be seen doing too.


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