What did you think of Smallville - Legion?


  1. I loved it! who voted awful lol

  2. anyone knows a link i can watch it through :S....PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE

  3. best bet is to get a download from bitorrent link mininova or piratebay.i got mine from there this morning

  4. http://www.supernovatube.com/play.php?viewkey=f72bef65651ddb22c589

    Here it is to watch online (I need those links since my uni blocks torents)

  5. Awesome! Not the best of the season, but still awesome!

  6. I gotta tell ya, not impressed in the least with the Legion episode for two reasons:
    Too much attention was given to Lang her and her "destiny" blah blah blah.
    And the number one reason I didn't like it was this...Lois Lane, the absolute love of Superman's life and that's the only mention she gets?! What the heck??!!! Yeah, sure, she got top billing out of the three names when they said them but that was a MASSIVE let down!!!!!
    I can already see how the next three episodes are going to play out. I'm telling you, Millar and Gough are really back!


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