What did you think of Smallville - Power?


  1. This was seriously the worse episode I have ever seen.

  2. i'm tired of lana, plz kill her!! xD

  3. One of the worst I've seen. I seriously hope next week's is much better.

  4. OMG...No word...oh yes: What the hell?? The first half was quite good, but then,too much drama; and just when we thought Clark starting to realize, BAM! Here we go again for a Clana roller-coaster! Seriously, couldn't the writers write a storyline for Lana that doesn't involve a fourth rehash of romance with Clark? So because she has superpowers no Clark is happy with her? He just looks like a jerk who doesn't know what he wants; he blames Chloe for keeping Lana's secret while she keeps his secret and while he didn't tell her he erased her memories, then all the episode he's looking for Lana (oh yeah he's so pro-active when Lana is here...pro-active to FIND her!), all mopey and sad and says it was a mistake to kiss Lana and sees once again how power-hungry she is and the bad things she has done and doesn't even question her at the end(regression...again), finally, a kiss with her on the rooftop of the daily planet...Was that necessary? I feel so sad for Lois right now, Clark is a BDA! And if Clark and Lana don't end up together in the next episode because of something and not because THEY and notably CLARK decides it...then the writers will have screwed up the Clark/Superman character and Clois romance (if it's not already the case regarding this episode) and I will be done with this show, like many viewers I think! So to sum up this episode: Lana= angel for ever whatever the bad things she makes, Clark= BDA for ever whatever is right in front of him, and a few key words words (that mainly aplly to Lana): power,secrets,lies, murders.
    I just would like to end this post on a positive note: good job from Allison Mack for the directing! And Cassidy Freeman's Tess was very creepy in that episode! And although I hate Lana's storyline, I really liked her acting, so her in this post I don't bash any of the characters but the storylines because of the non-sense, the OOC, the 180 turn compared to the 10 first episodes, etc.
    Sorry for this long post, but I am so angry right now, and I can't see how they will turn Clark into Superman and make Lois be his true love...What a waste...I don't believe in the writers anymore, I know this is Smallville, but they give Lana too much importance for the world and for Clark, and in the end Clark and Lois will look so dumb...Clark who seems to be less powerful than Lana and controlled by her as he's so much focused on her and Lois if she ends up looking like Clark's second choice. Anyway.

  5. I thought I was gonna see a new episode from season 8 tonite, but instead they chose to air a re-run from season 3. Oh wait, it WAS a new episode! And things were going so well. This was one of the worst episodes of the series....IMO. What a shame they gave it to Ms. Mack on her first outing as director. I thought she did a great job however, given what she had to work with. I can only hope that when Lana dies next week she will STAY dead and the show AND Clark can FINALLY put this worn out story line to rest with Lana's cold dead corpse.

  6. I don't know whether you were being sarcastic or not Anon 5:30 but Lana isn't going to die, she will live on and more than likely come back for the series finale.

    I will admit though that as much as I love Lana and Clark, I'm glad to see Lana go next week. I really hate the way they have made Lana into really only thinking about herself. The last few seasons, Lana has been so consumed by her hate of Lex that it got real tiring. I know that Smallville doesn't always follow the Superman lore, but Lana was never thise self centered in the comics. I hope for the sake of Lana that they do give her character the justice it deserves next week because she is such a big part of Smallville.

  7. Actually, Kristen said herself this is Lana's last episode ever. That doesn't mean she is going to die, but she won't be returning.

    I am personally sick to death of the Clana stuff. This season was sooo good and then they had to bring up this crap again. How the heck are the gonna fix this so they don't make Lois look like a second choice?! Lana shouldn't even still be on the show, especially with Clark already working at the Daily Planet! Then they go and make Lana want to be all powerful so she can save the world by Clark's side, how much more corny can you get. I am so upset right now. One of the worst episodes of the entire series. It's not Allison Mack's fault, she did a great job directing even though the story was crap. Next week better sweep up this huge mess and toss it all in the dumpster FOR GOOD.

  8. Awful doesn't even BEGIN to cover how incredibly craptastic this episode was. And I am most definitely not watching Requiem. Page me when we get back to season 8 please!

  9. New Bones next week! Watch the HEROIC Booth and Brennan instead....

  10. Wow! It was outrageous! Horrible, despicable. I gotta say, Tess was my favorite part of the episode, but I was utterly destroyed by the ending. I'm disgusted that the writers would so shamefacedly destroy the character of Lois Lane, by allowing her to feel so much, only to regress to Lana, at the DP no less. If they wanted Clark to obsess forever over Lana then they should have left Lois out of it. Al least our girl would have kept her dignity, and could stay the Heck away from the immature boy who, with Lana at his side, may not ever become Superman because he'll be her equal... And she's the Super-hero now. I am nauseated.

  11. They are going to lose many viewers. Horrible decision to give Lana super-powers and make her think she's "equal" to Clark Kent. Seriously? The writers have created a disaster and I'm not feeling sorry for them. They don't care about the fans at all. Lois will now look like a second choice. Idiots.

  12. I'm sorry but this episode was absolutely garbage! He is STILL OBSESSED WITH HER!!!! Yep, Gough and Millar are having constant orgasms right now!!!!
    And after seeing that ending and then those previews, it's official, Lois Lane will some day have Superman and his love for her, and it will be by DEFAULT and REBOUND!!!! Be proud of yourselves PS3 for continuing to spat all over these characters like Millar and Gough did. Ugh!

  13. I just want to know why DC has allowed these writers to spit all over these characters like they do. It is just not right!
    I don't know about any of you but you know what, I don't want this Lois with Clark Kent!!!! Oh dear God NO!!!! She deserves a man! A real mean! Not some pathetic excuse of a man like this!!!!

  14. Lois, who? Lois Lane? Oh yeah, you're the gal that Kal-El, I mean Clark Kent, I mean Red and Blue Blur, I mean pathetic prideless pansy settled for. Oh yeah, that's right, you're the rebound chick that got him by default. Now I remember you.
    UGH! How could DC allow these characters to be spat on like this?!!!!

  15. Why couldn't they let him mature into a real man and have HIM decide that he has moved on and his love for her has changed? Instead they give us this poor excuse of a young Superman? I cannot believe that DC has allowed these writers to do this year after year after year after year!!!! It's sickening!!!

  16. The Lang will be gone but it's this pathetic spineless pansy we're still left with. I could watch Lang in any episode with no problem at all, it's HIM that makes me cringe with his nauseating to death, nails on a chalk board obsession with her! This Lois Lane is way too good for this pathetic of an excuse young Superman!

  17. What will Smallville be remembered as...
    Smallville will be remembered as the show about the young, pathetic, bellyaching, emasculated Clark Kent that was OBSESSED with L. Lang and then settled for Lois Lane by default and rebound!!!!

    Ugh!!!! 70 years!!! 70 years of mythology of the legendary love of Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane and this is what they do, Superman loving her as a rebound????!!!! It's disgusting and nauseating!!! What a disgrace!!!

  18. I finally thought that with the first half of season 8, Smallville was on the upswing again, but with just 2 episodes,
    the ps3 have destroyed that progress and made it out to be the same old same old that we've had 7 seasons off already.

    Why is it that this show needs to put Lana on a pedistal all the time? I though this show was about CK's journey towards being Superman, not the Lana Lang show and how he never got over her so the Lois/Clark legendary love is actually a rebound from Lanaville.

    Making her superLana by giving her powers for the 2nd time? Really original and that worked out so well
    the first time around. And to make her an equal to Clark Kent? Seriously?
    Although I've never seen such a pathetic version of CK on anything but Smallville before so, on the other hand, making
    Lana an equal isn't that difficult I guess.
    How this CK will ever become Superman is a mystery, because all I see if a supposedly 'adult' with the emotional span of a 14 year old, that seems to regress immediately after every positive step he makes towards his supposed 'future self'.

    And a really nice touch that last scene at the DP. Way to destroy 70 years of Lois/Clark/Superman mythology by now making that rooftop a clana crime scene. Wonderfully done.
    It will take a real miracle to make this Clark worthy of Lois Lane's love.

    I was hoping for a 9th season, but after this episode and the preview for next week, I'll rather just skip this show altogether. Because Clark Kent has become a caricature of himself in this smallville version.

  19. "And a really nice touch that last scene at the DP. Way to destroy 70 years of Lois/Clark/Superman mythology by now making that rooftop a clana crime scene. Wonderfully done.
    It will take a real miracle to make this Clark worthy of Lois Lane's love."

    Brilliantly said!!!!! I LOVE it!!! Bravo to you!!!!!

  20. Yeah umm, about that burning need for a season nine ..... after watching 'power', nevermind.

  21. eh???




  22. Of the last 3 eps only Bulletproof sorta felt ok. Unless the events in Power and Requiem turn out to be a dream, that will definitely make Power one of the worst episode to date with Requiem nothing but Wrath#2 with Lana's heroic redemption as main theme... and really, seriously, who cares? Probably not the Clana fans who already stopped watching this season and/or who will go back to ignoring the Lana-less episodes once Requiem lays to rest.

    I hope for the sake of the show and safety of a S9 going live that this is not the crap we're supposed to expect, otherwise start counting your days PS3... and CW for that matter!

    As for loving/hating Lana. I honestly only care if her worshipping puts the main character in a bad light, which was clearly the case in Power (again provided this is not a dream). If it is a dream, then that's all in Lana's head and I don't care how she portrays Clark in her mind.

  23. Well, PS3's Blahna orgasm continues. Clark is ball-less and mopey again. It's Season 7 all over again. Great (sarcasm)

    Did not watch this or the other Blahna episodes live. Do not want to contribute to this walk down memory lane any more than I can. Typical Blahna episode. Blahna is to be worshiped despite all her wrong decisions and is to be protected . . . from herself. Great work for a superman, huh.

    The DP roof kiss was totally unnecessary and alienated a lot of fans. It was a real slap in the face with a sandal, no less.

    PS3 better pull a miracle in the next and last Blahna episode otherwise they are depriving an entire generation of the powerful and mythic Clark Kent and Lois Lane and their iconic (yes, that is not a dirty word) relationship. Not to mention they have alienated the fan base that gave this season rising ratings.

    I will return to my regularly scheduled comics since they've decided to show how important Lois is in Clark's life (except for the Johns' authored ones). I truly want to love Smallville, but I can't.

    Their loss.

  24. Such a terrible, terrible episode. It loks like Lois doesn't even exist for Clark!!! She'll totally look like a second choice to viewers. Clark regressed from the man who was almost ready to become the Superman to a dumb teenager full of hormones, ughh... And that epic scenery of Daily Planet with kissing on a rooftop? That was so clois, not clana! It is THEIR history.

  25. It disgusts me to no end the levels that PS3 have stooped to just to cater to a select group of fans that once March rolls around won't even be watching anymore.

    They seriously have some f***ed up logic/reasoning and no respect for the amazing love story that is Clois.

    What disappoints even more is that the WB people are letting it happen.

    Dream or not, it's total and blatant disregard to 70+ years of pure legendary love.


  26. I'm sorry but after everything that Clark knows Lana did he still wants to be with her? Is this the same Clark Kent that will be Superman one day?

    In the next episode Clark and Lana have sex, but after she is gone he goes back to being all lovey dovey for Lois?

    Yeah do me a favour PS3 keep Lois Lane away from this shallow version of a man with Integrity.

    Nooooooooo !!! PLEASE, Somebody Save ME !!!
    Horrible...absolutely HORRIBLE !!!
    This show was never about the future Superman was it ?
    I feel like somebody beat the crap out of me.
    Can I go off screenville to hang out with Lois Lane ??? PLEASE ???

  28. The episode "Power" last night was a joke plain and simple. Everything that was built up this year has been cheapened beyond belief. If they had pulled this shit last year it would have been the status quo and we would have cringed but rolled with it. But with the new direction of the show we had faith that the new showrunners were finally going to move behind the high school melodrama and give us the young Superman series that we had all signed on for. Last night was just regression run amok. You claim to have many more stories to tell that justify a season 9 for Smallville. Really? Because if last night's episode was any inclination of what you had in mind...I'll pass. Been there - done that for 8 years.

    How can the producers justify having dropped a main character that played an important role in the initial arc of the season; backtrack and create an entirely new arc that completely undoes all that was accomplished? Is there any other show that would randomly have a main character disappear for 5 episodes? No.

    Once Lois Lane became a viable love interest as a storyline and once there were feelings that apparently EVERYONE is aware of, this shit is no longer acceptable in any fashion. It wasn't good enough that the former showrunners had Clark kidnap a pregnant and married Lana Lang? Or that the supposed love of his life, Lana Lang, has the most skewed moral compass ever? You guys have ruined Superman for an entire generation. Good job. Your ratings improved this year because you fooled us into thinking there would be a change. You gave countless interviews about how the new season was going to be fresh and new, but after the fifth episode you all disappeared because you no doubt expected this shit storm.

    As one of your loyal fans of the past 8 years, I deserved better...we all deserved better than this piss poor incarnation that you like to call Clark Kent.

    Shame on you.

  29. You don't fukk with the mythos, THAT'S JUST WRONG! Clark's an Idiot,RETARD!they had no right to film on the DP roof....PS3 can kiss my ass.

  30. All I can say, you dont f**k the mythos like that. You don't make Lois Lane fall in love with Clark to bring the cheater, thief, liar and manipulative witch back and pretend that this shadow of a future Superman doesn't remember ANY of it and STILL in love with THAT??
    What a regression. For a man who was doing so well moving on and finally becoming what he is supposed to be..This is a regression and total disrespect for the fans who didn't even ask much. All they did was hoping the show moves like it SEEMED at the beginning of this season. SHAME on the creators of this/.

  31. What is so irritating is that Clark comments on Chloe's and Lois's behaviour whenever they do something that seems wrong to him (like when Chloe keeps a secret from him) but what they do is nothing compared to what Lana has done over the years: betrayal, murders, lies, secrets...and yet he ALWAYS forgives her! Ok, he's known for always looking for the best in people but seriously...he needs to get his eye sight checked!!I wonder how Tom Welling even can be glad about this storyline...Clark's not the hero in this story, Lana is...Since she came back, he has spent every episode sad and mopey and only caring for his friends: Legion=Chloe, Bulletproof= John Jones, Power=Lana, Requiem=Lana again (and apparently Oliver); in the first 10 episodes while at the Daily Planet and with no Lana around he was saving both friends and people! And it looks like in Requiem Lana wants to go patrolling with Clark, like if she's the hero who knows what to do...what a crap.
    And one thing: what do the directors always have to show Lana in a warm, bright light like if she's an angel with nothing but kindness, softness in her and also with this gentle, whispered voice of hers to like if she was preaching the good word and was the most wise person that ever exists!! I mean it's so striking in some episodes: in season 7 episode 6 I think she tortures Lionel and when Clark calls her she suddenly speaks with a soft voice, and in episode 3 when she comes back to see Clark and enters the barn there is a light that surrounds her...And this season, ever since Bride she has been speaking with a soft, calm and whispered voice as if she knows everything...It sounds so weird! And it's not that I don't like Lana, I was hoping a lot from this arc with her, but her storyline is so ridiculous! So Lana is a goddess and Clark is a BDA who does never seem to learn from the past or what is right in front of him! Yeah, way to go PS3!

  32. You know what I saw tonight on “Power”? The complete and utter emasculation of Clark Kent at the hands of Lana Lang. AGAIN! What happened to the Clark of the first 10 or so episodes? The reason I started watching this show was to see Clark's journey, but this was all about the wonderful martyrdom of Lana. I'm embarrassed for Clark and for the 70+ years of history that has been stomped on and mistreated. There is a reason the Clark Kent and Superman story is so enduring, and this, this episode especially, felt like a slap in the face to a Clark Kent fan like myself. I feel like the producers have absolutely no respect for the viewers. I wish they could explain their reasoning for Lana's story arc because I cannot fathom a single, rational explanation for it.

    Was there a reason for the blatant disregard and disrespect to Superman fans (and Clois fans) that Lana and Clark had to kiss on the roof of the DP? Was that necessary? No. It was a slap in the face to long time mythos fans. I expect Smallville to follow their own interpretation and re-imagination of Clark Kent/Superman's journey, and I recognize the (over importance) of Lana Lang, but I do expect that the basic foundations and characteristics of Clark's character and story would be maintained. Instead, an iconic location was spit upon and reinvented for Lana. Completely uncalled for.

    Another question I'd dearly love to have answered: Why would the producers have Lois and Clark start to fall for each other if they planned to disregard it the moment Lana returned? Why not just have them as just friends, then? Instead Lois and Clark almost kiss (with clear intent!) only to have him kissing Lana the next minute and jumping into bed with her. C'mon! Clark comes off as a complete jackass. And really, I want him nowhere near Lois Lane. After Clark’s actions and behavior there is no way his supposed realization of his feelings for Lois rings true. You know there's a serious problem when the Clois fans don't want and can't buy into the relationship! Thank you for destroying one of the best and most enduring love stories for the last 70+ years in this incarnation of Superman.

    I loved the first 10 episodes of the season. I had such high hopes. But I'm tired of watching Clark regress into this horrible character I cannot respect or even like. Currently, I can’t even stomach him on screen. It’s an embarrassment.

  33. This was absolutely the worst episode of almost any TV I have ever watched. The idiocy was off the scale, and the sheer audacity of the writers in having Clark act like he was in love with Lana again has made me decide to not tune in to Smallville again. I'm done with this show. It's insulting to fans and to the superman mythos.

    This demonstrated why this Clark will NEVER be superman. He will never deserve Lois Lane either. Leave him to the fugly squirrel, they deserve eachother.

  34. What a JOKE of an episode, wake me up when LOIS returns!!

  35. I have been an avid viewer of Smallville for 8 years, Thursdays being the highlight of my week solely because of this show. Yet all that was dashed with just one episode. I have never been stuck completely speechless upon watching an episode but this episode rendered me completely thunderstruck. I would really like an explanation as to how I am supposed to believe that this incarnation of Clark Kent is going to become Superman.
    The fist half of the season showed glimpses of the man who would one day dawn the The suit. It got me excited again for Smallville like I haven’t for a very long time, but all that progress was erased the moment Lana returned. Clark has gone back to being an insecure teenage who only wants one thing, Lana Lang. This in itself would not be an issue if the woman in question had not been painted as selfish, power hungry and insecure and then retconed to be a paragon of virtue the next minute. You would think that he would realise after 7 years of this rubbish that their relationship is dysfunctional and the only way she can be with any man is if she is his equal. Simply pathetic!
    Yet I am supposed to believe that this boy (I can no longer call him a man) who was about to kiss Lois Lane one moment and then jumps into Lana’s bed (as seen in the trailer for Requiem) the next is a hero. Please do us all a favour and keep him far away from Lois from now on. I don’t want to see the legendary love of Lois and Clark to be tainted any more than it already has, although what you have already done is inconceivable and utterly unforgivable.

  36. EmasculatingClark30 January 2009 at 19:40

    I've finally seen the light. Stuff like THIS is why Smallville is such a mockery amongst Superman fans. Really writers? THIS is how you choose to finish Lana's arc? By COMPLETELY disrespecting the mythos, and turing Clark into an emotional cripple? Why must Lana ALWAYS be written at the expense of Clark? While watching this episode, I kept thinking "FINALLY Clark will see Lana for who she really is, a power hungry vindictive woman, who uses heroism as an excuse for her insecure need to be Clarks equal" and yet you have him welcome her with open arms YET AGAIN. This version of Clark kent will NEVER be Superman. EVER. Because to be a Superman, you need a Lois Lane. And this watered down joke of a future Superman doesn't DESERVE Lois Lane.

  37. I feel Bad For TW. Its not even funny.

    Seriously, How Much more f**ked Can they get.

    Maybe Im wrong, But, I can completely see next weeks ratings falling drasticly. If they don't I'll Be shocked.

  38. This season was doing so well. I actually liked way Lana was being handled. So what the heck happened?

    The backstory about Lana's training was interesting, but did the entire episode really have to revolve around her? Also, what is Chloe doing? Isn't Jimmy, her newlywed husband, still in the hospital under intensive care? Why is she just listlessly hanging around Smallville/Metropolis to play Lana cheerleader (While Lois is allegedly with Jimmy, no less)?

    As for the episode's conclusion...I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous. Clark and Lana have been together several times already with varying states of superpowers and awareness of such. It's never worked. That horse is dead multiple times over.

    Like I said before, this season was going so well. Clark was finally acting like a mature adult. But now all of a sudden he seems to have reverted to the immature, spineless fixation on repeating the same mistakes over again that made last season so unbearable to watch.

  39. This was like... the worst thing they've ever done. And SV has screwed up a LOT, but THIS... this is so sad, ridiculous and offensive it's not even funny.

    I never thought I'd say this, but I don't see how this Clark Kent can become Superman and fall in love with Lois the way he is supposed to.
    They'll have to take Clark to some serious psychiatric hospital before he's ready for Superman and Lois.

    It's absolutely ridiculous. They've made Lana a martyr, they've made her a heroine, they made her a lot more than she should have ever been. And they made Clark a wussy. Weak. Stupid. Not a superhero at ALL. This man? He doesn't deserve the Superman title. Definitely doesn't. He doesn't deserve Lois' love. I'm glad she's been away for all these episodes. Right now, I don't want her anywhere NEAR Clark or Lana or anyone who's ever been even remotely close to those two disgusting people.

    They gave us an amazing half season. And then this. Clark was stepping towards the future, he was slowly becoming the man all of the fans admire. But then Lana happens. Again. Is it so hard to have them mutually decide they're bad for each other WITHOUT screwing up with everything, with the characters, with the show AND with the mythos?! Seriously, is it?

    I'm not watching next week. And I hope when Lois gets back, she gives him the coldest shower ever. This Clark Kent doesn't deserve to have a WORD directed to him.

    This show is messing with 70 years of history. They've managed to get like 70% (if not more) of the fanbase angry, furious, disappointed. They've MESSED with iconic. Clark and LANA kissing at the Daily Planet ROOF???!! They messed with the mythos. They messed with Superman fans and good characters (Chloe included). Even if you, PS3, by some weird, strange, unbelievable miracle manage to "fix it", many of us will still not be able to forgive you.

    They've made it all look cheap. The show... the characters... everything.

  40. Boycotting Smallville31 January 2009 at 02:26

    As a lifelong Superman fan, I've always been lukewarm about Smallville and how it portrayed Clark Kent as a mopey, whiney, indecisive and emotionally-retarded teenager. Last season's Apocalypse recaptured my attention and nearly every episode since then has shown Clark maturing and embracing his role in the world. I had very high hopes how this version of Clark would evolve into the iconic Superman we all know and love. But after watching the garbage I saw last night, I once again question why the producers choose to aggrandize Lana Lang...way too often making Clark appear pathetic and pussified. Erica Durance has done an absolutely fantastic job capturing the intelligence, wit and heart of Lois Lane...making her portrayal my absolute favorite of all time. But her Lois deserves much better than this Clark, and I refuse to partake in this soap opera rollercoaster anymore. I'm done with this show and will not watch another episode or buy another DVD set.

  41. I thought it was horrible. An insult to those of us who have stuck by this show for so long - it took everything this season has been building up and thrown it away.

    I also don't care for the way Lois Lane is suddenly going to be Clark's BACK UP love - do the writers not know 70 years of CANON?

  42. As a long-time SV viewer, I put up with a lot of crappy episodes, but Power takes the crap to a whole new low. It made me wonder why I watched the first half of season 8 and invested my time and love into Lois and Clark's budding romance only to have it invalidated by this ridiculous Lana arc. How many times does Clana need to be explored on this show anyways? I'm sick and tired of it.

    I watch SV for Clark Kent and Lois Lane, the two most important characters in the Superman mythos. I thought SV was doing a great job aligning itself with the aforementioned mythos before the idiots in charge unceremoniously booted Lois off the show to make way for Lana. I'm not interested in another round of the "deification of Lana Lang." Wake me up when Lois returns.

  43. Wow, what a fantastic episode Power was...not!!I think it might be the worst of the entire series, beating the hell out of Promise.
    I am appalled at the way Clark was written. He had such a growth in character in the first half of the season only to regress to a 14 years old (his words, not mine) the moment Lana "Mary Sue" Lang came back in town. Everytime she's around, we see Clark as a mopey, spinless(and as Baudy nicely put ball-less)idiot. Maybe her real superpower is putting Lana blinders on other people ::) It doesn't matter what she does, murdering, stealing, lieing, torturing, sleeping with a Phantom...Clark always comes back for more. And every character on the show can't help but praise how beautiful, smart, brave and so on she is.

    I really hoped that Lana's return would have be handled smartly by the writers and that her storyline and her relationship with Clark would have been given the nice closure they failed to give last season, instead we have another round of a relationship that was doomed from the start and got old about 6 years ago. And to add insult to injury, this time around they had the brilliant(insert SARCASM here)idea to involve Lois in this trainwreck. Why have her falling for Clark (and him starting to like her as more than a friend) in the first half if they had planned this Lana/Clana storyline since the summer? Why tease the Clois fan like that? How are we supposed to believe that in Infamous and Hex Clark will show signs of having feelings for Lois after Power and Requiem? It hurts knowing that we were basically used for ratings in the beginning of the season just to give the producers the opportunity to cater to Clana fans later on. Fans, might I add, who stopped watching the show once Lana was gone in season 7 and don't plan to stick around after Requiem airs. Well, guess what? This fan who's been supporting the show since day one, will only watch episodes with Lois in it from now on.

    And last but not least, I was disgusted with the DP scene at the end. Way to spit in the face of 70 years of history and kick the Cloiser where it hurts the most. We should be used to see iconic Clois moments beeing given to Clana, but I guess there's always more, uh?

  44. So much has always been and is STILL wasted on Lang when it should be Lois! So much! Who did CK take to the Fortress first? Ugh! Who got to have a choreographed kick-boxing fight with Tess? Who just got kissed on the rooftop of The Daily Planet! Ugh!!!!! It makes me sick that the writers spit all of the fans and characters like they do out of their own sick, twisted obsession over Kristen K.
    I have been wanting to see a killer choreographed fight between Tess and Lois since day one but forget it now, it was wasted on The Lang!
    Why couldn't they be back at the barn instead of the rooftop of the Daily Planet?
    There is absolutely no time, no time at all to show CK move on and be over her by his choice. It will feel so rushed if he starts to show interest in Lois Lane! I hope that this Lois Lane NEVER gets together with this weasel Clark Kent! She is way too good to be the rebound and to have him by default!!! He is such a pathetic weasel! Once again these writers spat all of these characters and fans!
    Oh and one more thing, I guess Chloe now has a split personality disorder. Just last week or the week before that she tells Clark NOT to hurt her cousin Lois. Now, all of the sudden she's encouraging him and The Lang? WTF? Well, like I've always said, if there is anything these writers are consistent with, it's being inconsistent.

  45. hated the episode..
    lana lang really brings the worst in clark kent

  46. This Clark is so not Superman!

  47. Disgusting seems to be the understatement of the year in trying to describe this episode.

    It is unbelieveable the disprespect that the showrunners have for the Superman story.

    I honestly do not see how SV Clark Kent will EVER be Superman. Not by a long shot.

    It is truly shameful and appalling what they've done to the iconic story of Superman and his special lady love Lois Lane.

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  49. Meh. When does Lois come back? Is she going to give Clark a huge cold shoulder? She should kick him to the curb.

    Super Lana - blah. I sort of feel bad for Kristin Kruek - I hope this nonsense doesn't completely ruin her career. Being typecast as the girl who f***ed up the Superman mythos won't work too well for her.

    Writers - you should be ashamed!

  50. Super Lana - blah. I sort of feel bad for Kristin Kruek - I hope this nonsense doesn't completely ruin her career. Being typecast as the girl who f***ed up the Superman mythos won't work too well for her.

    yeah i agree with you there, i think she is going to have less of a fanbase then she ever did.

    this episode was absolutely atrocious and the whole clana scenario is overplayed enough as it is, i dont see how hes going to become the man he is supposed to be, i was so excited when lois and clark were finally realizing the feelings they had for each other and then BAM they go and ruin it with lana lang, i will still continue to watch to see what pans out but, i am very disappointed in the writers of the show for messing with the mythos.

    seriously lana has super powers? WTF!?! the kiss on the daily planet? so fricken wrong, this was the worst episode of the season.

  51. wow you guys are taking this way too seriously. this is just a show. i didnt think that power was that great but you dont have to be angry at ps3. smallville has had its up and down episodes. besides after requiem lana is gone forever and lois and clark will end up together in the end. if you dont like smallville because of lanas arc that is just stupid because it is a great show and lana served a purpose. lois will be back after that anyway so clark and her can start a romance. you cant bash a show without seeing what they have in store next. it could be really good.

  52. wow you guys are taking this way too seriously. this is just a show. i didnt think that power was that great but you dont have to be angry at ps3. smallville has had its up and down episodes. besides after requiem lana is gone forever and lois and clark will end up together in the end. if you dont like smallville because of lanas arc that is just stupid because it is a great show and lana served a purpose. lois will be back after that anyway so clark and her can start a romance. you cant bash a show without seeing what they have in store next. it could be really good.
    That is exactly what I have been trying to say :O


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