Episode 8.14 - Requiem - Promo


  1. Ugh. I don't want watch Clana in bed together. SO skipping this episode. Let Lana die already. And Clark is a jerk.

  2. writers need to be fired!

  3. For fuck sake, give it a rest.
    You know you're going to watch, so stop saying you won't.
    You've all convinced yourself that Lana is some terrible person, and whenever her name appears, you all moan, this episode looks to be a good one, and it's a final goodbye to Lana.
    SO give it a rest until you've actually seen it, you may all love it

  4. I will only love it wen they don't sleep together and clark relizes how stupid he've beeen all ds time..... I wudnt hav cared if he gone bak to lana bt aftr bride and da mess he created wid lois, dat needs to be sorted out. None can't deny da fact he nearly kissed Lois. Poor gal has to leave heart broken....

  5. This is TV, they are not real people.
    So stop getting worked up like they are real and give the writers some respect.
    I think with the rest of the season they've earned at least that, if not more

  6. Luke? You're clearly a lana fan. I'm neutral, but a writer myself and find the show is playing it 'safe' per se with the hyped episodes and running in circles with clark's character building. They build him up and then bring him back to the character arc for seasons 1-7, its natural for fans of the superman mythos that has been around for over seventies years as well as Lois Lane and Clark Kent fans to get worked up with the version of the Lois-Clark story their generation is recieving. If anything, maybe YOU should be respectful to the legend of Lois Lane and Clark Kent and maybe try to understand the frustration. As you say its just a tv show, thats true. But the character's in the show are legends of a mythos that has been around for 70years and to see it get cheapened by dragging out teenage angst for all the wrong reasons is somewhat infuriating frankly.
    I hope you enjoy the Lana Lang send off, and one day sit down to rewatch all the seasons and when this episode airs, it will hit you and you'll say, 'another goodbye? come on clark-get the hint-you're not meant to be with her and running around her in circles is embarassing for those who write your character as well as those who respected what superman represented.'

  7. I'm not a lana fan 0_0
    Just sick of the fan base being so one sided and declaring this episode unwatchable because of one character.
    I personally can't stand her.
    But it's a final goodbye, at least it's good for something.

  8. I agree with you on that last part, and i don't think it's just because they dislike her. i think its more to do with the dislike of what thye're portraying and Clark Kent as in relation to her. I hope my message before didn't come across as rude, that was not intended at all.:)
    Anyway, personally, i hope to see Lois not be all soppy about Clark Kent, let him work for her trust for a while. Infact, I think thats exactly how they will play it. Lois will have closed herself off emotionally towards Clark and will ignore any moment they shared in bride and focus on finding the blur. Clark will realise his dislike for being shut out by her and will slowly open his eyes to reality. This way the writers will have done their due to Lana Lang and also used her as a conduit to Lois and Clark. I personally always thought that Lana Lang and Clark's story should be completely seperate to the Lois and Clark dynamic, i'd hate to see them play lana or lois off against eachother. Both fandoms deserve a seperate serving.Lana Lang fans have got theirs, now its time for the Lois and Clark fans.
    I'm willing to put good money on my theory above of how it'll play out.
    A side note-smallville is afterall the journey of his becoming and not what superman is.
    so, lighten up guys.
    A quote from Clark himself, though you're all mad at him at the moment ;)
    'No one messes with Lois and Clark.'

  9. Lol, the lex from this clip is wearing a kryptonite ring :P

    Symbolic, much?

    And I agree with the above, I see what you mean now, although I still feel the writers will handle it well


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