Episode 8.20 - Beast

Chloe makes a decision that will change her friendship with Clark forever.

Airs: 30th April

Source: Smallville Wiki


  1. http://www.kryptonsite.com/
    - Chloe's situation with Davis (see "Eternal" spoilers) is giving her nightmares.
    - Oliver and Jimmy begin to form a friendship.
    - Erica Durance (Lois) and Cassidy Freeman (Tess) do not appear in this episode. (Don't shoot the messenger!)

  2. What the hell is the deal with them leaving Lois outta these episodes?? I think she had more air time as a guest star than she has since she has became a permanent cast member!! I would think now that Lana is gone there would be more time for Lois!!

  3. Shanna, that's the thing, Lois isn't a "permanent" cast memeber. I mean, she's in the opening credits, but she's only contracted for 13 episodes which is a complete rip off. Now that I know she wasn't going to be in alot of the later episodes, I kind of wish they had cut her out of the earlier season stuff to put her in the later episodes. Let's hope there is another season and maybe she will finally get a full episode load.

  4. I hope that Chloe decision is to leave Smallville. If the point is to tear their friendship to pieces it would be easier.

    And start bloging about the Supernatural. Yeah, at this point even bad fanfic is better...


  5. they are gonna frack up the Chlark relationship EVEN MORE?

    i hate these new show runners! and i hate this show!

  6. Good, maybe Chloe can leave then.. seriously what is she needed for anymore? They couldn't even think of anything to do with her this season so they possessed her half the time.. now shes a murderer and a cheater (emotionally).. if this is what Chloe fans really wanted, then they got short changed lol.. though I can't talk since Lois is missing from every other episode coming up. But at least shes on the 'looking for the hero' side of the story and not helping the villain. *shakes head*

  7. :( i feel sad generally when people bash around the female characters in Clark's life.

  8. does anyone know what song played in the opening scene?


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