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Question: Any news from Lois' big return to Smallville? -- Claudia
Ausiello: It airs March 5. It features a return appearance by Tori Spelling. It finds Clark revealing his true identity to the world. And I'm told it will have Lois and Clark fans forgetting Lana appeared in any episodes at all this season.

Source: EW


  1. I'm glad to see that they are finally going to start the Lois and Clark thing. I think they've been dragging it out too long, especially with the whole bringing Lana back and then sending her away thing.

  2. Wow, we finally might get what we want!!

  3. i hope so, it WAS MEANT TO BE clois's season, but heeey, well, here's to looking forward to clois!

  4. Ausiello is wrong on the date, the episode was pushed back to the 12th. As far as the episode itself, I don't understand how they could have Clark basically lose Lana forever, then the very next episode have "Lois and Clark fans forgetting Lana appeared in any episodes at all this season." I loved Lana and Clark, but I also like Lois and Clark so I don't see how this could work so soon. I'm hoping that it is done properly. Just my two cents.

  5. Yay Clois!
    I think they could make it work, even though Clark just lost Lana. Lois has been gone for a while and they had that almost moment before Lana's unexpected apparence so perharps when Lois comes back so will all his feelings for Lois. The heart does grow fonder when one is away.
    Though I worry how far they can take the Clois plot line since the features division has put limitations to what the show can do. Like they can never have Clark were the signature superman symbol or put him in tights and they can never have Clois in a relationship or even kiss.. at least this is what I have heard. I don't understand why it is such a big deal but I guess the top dogs thinks it is.


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