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Question: We know that Tom Welling will be returning for Smallville's ninth season, but what about the rest of the cast? -- Bill
Ausiello: My Small mole assures me that all principal cast members are on board for next season, with one possible exception: The dude who plays Doomsday. (I'm blanking on his name and I'm too lazy to look it up.)

Source: EW


  1. Nooooooo!!! Get rid of Jimmy but not Davis
    Crap on a cracker! :(

  2. I don't care how they do it, I just want them to bring back Sam Witwer is some way. He is the best thing about the show this season.

  3. Sam Witwer is one of the main reasons I even watched this season. I really hope they decide to bring him back for season 9.

  4. True!!! Sam Witwer is the only reason I keep watching Smallville. Chloe and Davis are the main reason to watch Smallville! If they get ride of Sam, Smallville is dead to me, dead!!!

  5. Anon 12:41, Chloe and Davis are the main reason to watch Smallville, but for you. Don't make a generalization. Although I like both of them, considering that without them the show is dead while it is supposed to be about Clark seems kind of weird and exaggerated. And you know, Doomsday may still be there next season but not the human form of him alias Davis...

    So, about the news, nothing really surprising, I would have liked to know about Erica Durance's contract status, if she finally will be in 22 episodes. Even for the people who don't like Lois, it's obvious that it would be ridiculous to have her only in 13 episodes again, it won't make sense and it won't serve the story well. It was believable (but still questionable) this season because she went to Star City with Jimmy and they had Kristin Kreuk for 4 episodes to fill in the spot for another female character, but it won't work next season notably as I think there will be a bigger focus on investigation...

  6. Swan, as hard as it is for you to believe, for some people Chloe and Davis' storyline was the only interesting arc of Season 8. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Sam and Allison are two of the best actors on Smallville, and Sam will certainly be missed. As for Erica, she ought to be in all 22 eps next year, as she is vital to the story. As long as we don't have to suffer through any more Lana arcs, I can handle it. But I am very sorry to see Sam go.

  7. Maybe, Ausiello means the actor who plays Doomsday? That's why he doesn't remember his name.

  8. If they don't bring Sam next seaso I'm done with this show. Chloe was the only reason why I watched Smallville since season 1, and now this season, Chloe and Davis are the only reason why I keep watching Smallville. They are both great, and are the onlu charcters that were created for the show, they don't exist in the comic book wich is AWESOME!!! Because as Allison said the good thing about a non character from the comis is that you can do whatever you want with this character, their destiny it's not written in comics books, wich again, I find it AWESOME! I want Davis for season 9, and I want more development of the Chlavis relationship. Thanks!


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