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We were led to believe that this season of Smallville would feature a huge story arc involving Lois. To date, I have yet to see that occurring. Do you have any information indicating that the rest of this season is heading that way? — Jim
MATT: I agree, Jim, it's time to finally address the elephant in the room (that is, Erica Durance's conspicuous absence from recent episodes). Here is what executive producer Brian Peterson told the Buzz: "Lois returns in a big way [starting Feb. 12], as she finds her feelings for Clark increasingly rivaled by her quest to get closer to the enigmatic Red-Blue Blur." Hey, it's something.

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  1. boo Lois sucks!!

  2. i agree with you...

  3. i love Lois y do u thinks she sucks

  4. She sucks??So what, because she doesn't have superpowers? Because she doesn't play the soft and kind girl so that everybody loves her? She does what she can as a human, and because she was an army brat, she has developed a tough exterior to protect herself and appear stonger to others, but she puts the barriers down when she gets to know people...I think the only characters who don't suck right now(translate=haven't done bad things or acted ambiguously-I don't mean all the characters here, for example, Chloe has had a weird behaviour since the beginning of the season but Allison Mack makes Chloe very endearing, the same for Oliver) are Jimmy and Lois...
    Unless you meant that you don't like the character which is totally fair-everyone is entitled to their opinion-, but saying that she sucks is wrong.

  5. swan , i totaally agrre with u i made the comment right above yours and i love that lois is strong and indepenant she proves u dont need a guy or superpowers to be thought of as great (cough cough Lana) i also love Jimmy i think he is adorable and he acts like veryday ppl which i cant say fir most of the other cahracters. the one right now making the show wotrse is clark.

  6. Lois Rocks big time!!!! Glad she chases the red/blue blur and still has feelings for Clark! YAY!!

  7. I agree with Everything you said, 'swan', and with any of you who AGREE that Erica Durance's "Lois Lane" is an Amazing woman. She's a 'humanitarian' in the sense that she has great compassion for the 'everyday man', or the 'underdog' who could use some help or relief from the injustices of this world. She believes in doing 'Whatever She Can' with whatever 'Natural' talents she's been given and Skills she's worked hard to hone to do her part in Helping to make the world a better place.

    Although she's Not predictable, you can always depend on Lois to be 'Lois'. She has high standards and personal convictions, she's dependable, honest, trustworthy, and doesn't hide a handfull of secrets behind her back. She's upfront and often speaks her mind before editing what comes out of her mouth, but at least, she's true to herself and doesn't apologize to anybody for it. Also, if a story isn't involved, she minds her own business. What gets on my nerves about her is her impulsivness, but that also makes her an exciting personality. I'm not fond of her frequent bursts of overconfidence, but that's part of what makes her daring-do attitude interesting. She's self-sufficient and independent; an honorable role model for any young girl. She's not hard to read; everyone knows when she's nervous, because she'll never stop talking. She confessed those 'obvious' flaws to A.C. Curry in "Aqua", and his admiring response was, "I know, and those are your 'good' qualities."

    However, she's endeared herself to me on Smallville, because she's proven to be the type of person who will Never Give Up, no matter how great the odds seem to be against her, and she doesn't turn her back on her friends. That kind of personality and drive can Inspire almost anyone. That's why I always Love it when she's in the story, because her character always brings with it a certain degree of Positive Energy, and I really enjoy that. I also Really enjoy the effect she has on Clark Kent. He acts more mature and 'supermanly' and actually smiles more when he's around her. I don't know what type of character you usually admire, but I would like to think that Lois is the type of character that almost everyone would look up to, IMHO.

    So, anyone who tries to find fault in Lois Lane, maybe the Smallville writers might be a better target since they're the ones who have side-stepped a few rules that would follow Real Life paths for her to be where she is professionally, but sometimes 'creative liscense' is permissible with time constraints as in a serial TV series, IMO. Some things Have to happen in 'offscreensville' in order to move the story along.

    I'm TOO HAPPY about ED/Lois' return. I've Really missed her. Obviously, a mistake was made when the above article said that her return would be on Feb. 12; We now know that it's March 12. However, the recent Trailer released by the CW for "Infamous" clearly showed Clark asking Lois to write his 'story'. With slight irritation she asked him, "What story?" He then revealed to her that he was the Red/Blue Blur. So, I'm Confused by the information Matt gives about Lois' storyline for the rest of Season 8. The Video Preview Contradicts the information. I'm now wondering WHEN did Brian Peterson give that info to the "Buzz"?


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