New Episodes Delayed

Thanks to Shanna for the heads up that New episodes of Supernatural and Smallville have been delayed another week and will not be returning until March 12 now.


  1. I heard that the reason for the delay is so that the shows won't be up against Idol bc they are narrowing it down to the top 12 that night. Which I guess is good thinking on their part if thats the real reason but it still sucks for all of us!!

  2. This sucks, now it's still just under a month to wait

  3. If that's true they are smart. They need all the viewers they can get after that last episode. I personally know 3 people that have said they won't watch it anymore after butchering the Superman franchise via Lana Lang.

  4. Who cares about the return of Lois 'the office tramp' Lane? Ratings will tank anyway.It doesn't matter if they change the timeslot or not.

  5. 3 people?!?!? What a travesty! Personally, those who always criticize don't deserve to watch the show. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I get tired of EVERY SINGLE TIME the show mentions Lana, there is a public outcry. To be honest, as much as people "hated" the last three episodes, the ratings stayed the same as the rest of the season and I believe one of them may have been close to a season high.

    The show only has a limited time left and I for one want to enjoy whatever amount of episodes that are left.

    Also, Anon 16:07, I'm curious, who exactly has Lois slept with on the show? Outside of Ollie, who we really don't know whether she did or not with him, that would be zero. So to call her a "tramp" is not only classless, it's just wrong.

    And finally, if you don't like the show the way it is now, just leave, there are plenty of people who do and are tired of listening to all the others who don't.

    P.S. Sorry to the Dark UFO if this was out of line, but it's just getting really tiring.

  6. Will, exactly right.
    I've been posting something along those lines for weeks.

  7. Why the big delay, anyone know?

  8. How exactly have the ratings for the last episodes stayed in line or close to a season high? Bloodline hit the highest with 4.81...but 2 out of the 4 last episodes were under 4 million (and one of those remaining 2 was lucky that it was the almost only non-rerun thing on TV that night. Isn't it a bit strange that even an episode featuring the Legion that was highly promoted hasn't managed to beat Bloodline? I guess that if you do the math the non-Lana fans that left the show when she came in are more than the Legion fans + Lana fans.

    I think Infamous is going to raise the ratings, but they suck at promoting it. More than 3/4 of Smallville's fan base doesn't go online and doesn't do spoilers... and yet they air an Infamous promo only a week after Requiem? A regular viewer would still think that Lana is going to be back for ep 15 or who knows what else. And if that viewer (that can be moltiplicated for at least 10000) doesn't like Lana and/or misses the very late aired promo... than he/she won't tune in. Meh.

  9. To anon 22:41, I agree completely. Although Bones may have been a tough competitor in January, many people got tired of Lana's arc and what it was doing to other characters. The ratings were still around 4 million, but because Lana fans tuned in for this arc, and most of them won't probably watch the next episodes. People who are not Lana fans and don't check spoilers or/and only watch new Smallville episodes may not know that Lois is back for episode 15 and that the show is back to « normal » from this episode on, so they may not tune in... Even the ones who know these facts may not tune in because they are so angry after Lana's arc. So to sum up: Lana fans + fans who don't do spoilers got tired and won't watch anymore + people who do spoilers but are so angry that they may give up = ratings maybe not so good. If the ratings for Infamous are not that good, I will surely blame Lana's arc. Heck, many reviews praised the show's new turn this season until Bride, then the more the following episodes aired, the more the critics were bad, notably saying that season 8 had become schizophrenic...and incidentally it just happened when Lana came back...That's too bad, the writers/producers really did screw up with the storylines during this arc! Many also say that there will be a lightswitch for episode 15, notably concerning Lois, but IMO the lightswitch happened when Lana came back as many storylines have been put on hold for Lana's one and the characters suddenly acted weird or over the top (Tess, Oliver), one became a BDA again (no need to say who), some were nowhere to be found (Lois, Jimmy), one is dangerous but is also nowhere to be found and Clark doesn't seem to care to find him (Davis/Doomsday), and of course one who has become a superheroin...So where is the lightswitch?? I won't forget the last episodes to feel better with the episodes to come because I think, and hope, that the producers/writers will show that Clark will realize that he needs a dual identity, can save the world as well as loving someone, Lois is the one for him (so he needs to SAY that so make some people stop that Lois will be the rebound girl, although if he's not that hurt in Infamous it proves that he doesn't love Lana as much as she loves him, and if he doesn't try everything to find a cure for her, if he doesn't use blue kryptonite, or use the Legion ring to go back in time and be with her, that already proves that he doesn't need her that much, but for some people despite these facts Lana will be his true love forever), etc. I'm afraid doing that in 8 episodes is too short, and that's why I hope there will be a season 9!!
    Even if there is a time reversal in Infamous, I'm looking forward to it because I think it will be a key point in Clark's life as he will realize many things (the dual identity and his feelings for Lois notably) and some episodes (Hex and Stiletto) will cement these two things. 3 weeks to wait!!!

  10. cant wait for lois and clark to get together they make a cute couple


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