Episode 8.21 - Injustice

Episode #8-21: "Injustice" May 7, 2009

Director: Tom Welling (unconfirmed)
Guest Stars: Alessandro Juliani (Dr. Hamilton)

- The title implies that Tess's gang of meteor freaks might come to the suface in this one.
- Contrary to earlier reports, Erica Durance does NOT appear in this episode.

Source: KryptonSite


  1. Now that they're going to have a season 9, they're starting to pull back on Lois to make everything last another season...

  2. ontrary to earlier reports, Erica Durance does NOT appear in this episode.

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  4. "Contrary to earlier reports, Erica Durance does NOT appear in this episode."

  5. WTF? No Lois again? Do these idiots not look at the ratings and realize that the most-watched episodes this season heavily featured her? Absolutely ridiculous.

    1. Odyssey (9/18/08) - Viewers: 4.3 million * (#2)
    2. Plastique (9/25/08) - Viewers: 4.2 million *
    3. Toxic (10/2/08) - Viewers: 4.1 million *
    4. Instinct (10/9/08) - Viewers: 4.1 million *
    5. Committed (10/16/08) - Viewers: 4.2 million *
    6. Prey (10/23/08) - Viewers: 4.2 million
    7. Identity (10/30/08) - Viewers: 4.3 million * (#3)
    8. Bloodline (11/07/08) - Viewers: 4.5 million * (#1)
    9. Abyss (11/14/08) - Viewers: 3.8 million
    10. Bride (11/20/08) - Viewers: 4.2 million *
    11. Legion (1/15/09) - Viewers: 4.3 million
    12. Bulletproof (1/22/09) - Viewers: 3.9 million
    13. Power (1/29/09) - Viewers: 4.2 million
    14. Requiem (2/05/09) - Viewers: 3.9 million (ultimate suckfest)

    (* = episodes with Lois)

    Durance is the best Lois Lane ever and DESERVES 22 episodes in Season 9!

  6. Thanks for the credit, I'm sure its appreciated.

    Sounds like a great episode, even though there is no Lois, lame as that is.

  7. I agree that Erica deserves alot more time than she is being given. Lois is such a big part of the Superman mythology and they seem to be leaving her out quite a bit this season. Hopefully next season she will play a way bigger part.

  8. Thank you for linking back to that site. It's pretty mature of you.
    As for the episode, I hate that Lois isn't going to be in it, because she's a great character, but the episode still sounds like it's going to be extremely good. I hope they bring back some of the Justice League to fight the Injustice League.

  9. Sides for this and new ones for "Beast" are now out!!!

  10. Thanks Anon, I'll see if my contact can get them for us.

  11. The highest rated episode was due to Laura Vandervoort's KARA SUPERGIRL, not Lois. Give credit where credit is due. Odyssey didn't have anything to do with Lois either. It was a Premiere, with the JLA. Give me a break. She was slutting it up in a french maid costume and then face-planted after being tasered. Bed-breaking Clana sex got as many viewers as super SPESHUL Clois in Committed.

    So glad they wrote Lois OUT. Maybe they'll get rid of her for good in S9.


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