Episode 8.15 - Infamous - Promo Pics

Thanks to Jamhexxx for the heads up

(Click to Enlarge)

Posted By: The ODI


  1. Oh man. Welcome back Lois! This show is not the same without you.

    And Clark lifting Lois with the table? EPIC!!!

  2. Oh MY GOD those pictures are so amazing, Lois is gorgeous and she's back, finally!!! CLark all wet, wonderfull!!! They're frakkin' hot together!!

  3. The pictures = AWESOME!

    I missed you, Lois! Please don't leave us again!

  4. Loving Lois's return!! Welcome backs Mrs. Superman! We missed you!!!

  5. Lois and Clark and rain!! Awesomeness!

    And the ones at DP. Beautiful.

    Thank you Lois for returning and making Smallville worth watching again.

  6. The Blonde Chick in the 11th pic is from a episode in season 6 called Hydro. She is Linda Lake (Played by Tori Spelling). But I thought she was killed when Lana accidently hit her with her car. Linda could turn into water in order to eavesdrop into other peoples conversations. But if shes back it spells bad news for Clark as she knows his secret.

  7. is it just me or her suitcase is open?!!?
    i read on ktyptonsite that clark was supposed to pick her up from the airport and he was late, i believe that this is a pic from that scene.
    god that's gonna be so funny!!!!!!!


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