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At the beginning of the Smallville season, we were led to believe that Erica Durance would film more than her regular 13 episodes. Instead, she's actually doing less! Erica will only appear in 12 episodes, and her fans want to know why. — Helga
MATT: Your math, unfortunately, is correct. With Lois absent from Episode 21 (titled "Injustice" and directed by one Tom Welling), Erica will only be in a dozen episodes this season — and that fact pains me especially since I was the one Erica said "more than 13" to. The why of this shortfall won't soothe the sting: Storylines and episode counts are forever fluid, an insider explains, and this is simply how it netted out for Ms. Durance. If I may venture forth with a "silver lining" of sorts: Once Clois fans watch the season finale, it is likely that all will be forgiven. Now just don't ask me about ED and Season 9; you're supposed to be kept guessing as to the "two deaths" in the season finale.

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