Mind-blowing sneak preview

Update: 00:30 Here is a version for those that cannot see the original

A peek at Lois Lane in full-tilt superhero mode as Stiletto
• A preview of three upcoming episodes, including "Hex," and the much-anticipated "Eternal"
• A first look at Chloe telling Clark, "Up, up, and away," before he leaps a tall building with a single bound
• Awesome Doomsday/Chloe/Clark stuff

What does all this have in common? They're highlights of a fraktacular new Smallville promo that will air immediately following tomorrow night's episode. Of course, if you'd rather not wait until then you could always just watch the world premiere below. It's up to you.

Source: EW


  1. Wow looks amazing!! Is that Lois running at Clark with something?

  2. From the bit with Chloe saying "Watchtower is officially online", you can see cyborg is back:D

  3. And Clark flies!!!!!!! :D:D:D

  4. Looks like he is just jumping.

  5. It looks like they really are building up to Clark flying in the season finale starting with the superjumps. So, Chloe is playing Watchtower and we now have an idea which DCU heroes will be in the season finale.

    It seems that Tess knows too much and this could put her in jeopardy in that she could either die in the season finale or she will not appear in the season finale and that Injustice may be her final episode.

    Lois is looking like the Angel of Vengeance.

    I'm glad that they're emphasizing on Clark a little bit more than the spoilers we've been getting.

  6. could someone upload it to another server?! can't watch it!

  7. Its about time they have him flying!!

  8. great promo. Lots of info for people to play around with. I still think its gonna be Chloe/ Tess and Davis to die. I like the part where Lois is running at clark, that is obviously a part where Chloe is inside Lois and then when she says up, up and away must be when she is back into her body. It looks like Chloe is getting in deep with Doomsday, shame there was no jimmy. I think its also safe to say that the last bits of clark, is definitely a super jump, which is cool cos we haven;t seen a close up of him jumping yet. They always seem to shoot him from a distance. It also looked like he was getting ready to use his heat vision....at first i thought it was the reflection of the lights but then u can see, his pupils are glowing yellowy orange......

  9. WOW, that looks awesome!!!!!!!!


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