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  1. I'm so glad Lois is finally back! Erica Durance ROCKED in this episode. She's such an amazingly talented actress. But this episode seemed rushed; and there was way too much Chloe shoe-horned in. I also hated that they, once again, made Clark appear to be a emotionally-stunted coward. This guy needs to grow a pair...STAT!

  2. Yes clark does need to grow a pair I'm slow when it comes to women but I gotta say if a woman as hot as lois was throwing herself at me like lois was with clark tonight I would be sure to at least get a quick kiss even if I thought I would eventually have to find a magic ring to erase it from everyone else's timeline and memory I would enjoy it while I could. I think tonights episode rocked for the most part but with lois throwing herself at clark and all him doing is using his legion ring to escape it just showed that these writers are gonna ruin the clois ship just like they did clana by dragging it out way to long so I have to only give tonights episode a 8 out of 10 wich is still much better then the rest of this season has been especially the last few episodes before infamout that I'd rather forget ever happened.


  3. My heart broke for Lois when Clark sent her the text message. Erica pulled that off wonderfully. Curious to what's to come with the whole doomsday thing.


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