Episode 8.20 - Beast - Sneak Peek

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  1. After 8 years Clark is still a dumbass alien.

  2. Thanks for the video.


  3. I really hate that they started to call Davis an "it" there. It makes both of them look like such asses IMO. Sure, it's a good idea to kill him but at least give him the dignity to be called by the proper pronoun!

  4. I really hate that they humanized this soulless, serial-killing monster to the point that you think "it" is the wrong pronoun. The character Doomsday has such enormous potential as a villain, yet Smallville reduced it to a lovestruck emo cry-baby. What a waste.

  5. I really loved that they humanized this 'soulless' monster as you say. Davis is real, and the fact that he's actively fighting against his other half makes the story more compelling IMHO.
    also it? really? I'm agreeing with Livy here.
    how is the villainous potential destroyed by the fact that their is a good guy trapped there?
    clark is more of a whiny emo crybaby than davis.
    what a waste.

  6. "the only way any of us are ever going to be safe again is if Doomsday is destroyed"

    Finally someone gets it!

    I agree with Oliver. Kick his ass, Clark! He's not human, he's a killer. Worse than that, he's a love sick BDA. I think this show has had enough of those already.

  7. One thing that Oliver didn't take into account and Clark just told him this is that Davis has crawled out of his own grave. Clark's position will be this - How do you stop a monster who can't be killed? Chloe and Oliver's solution will be to kill him, but Clark will find another way. This will be the source of friction between them. Beast should be a good episode because we have two fight scenes involving Clark and Davis so this will be a warm up for the main event.

  8. ok guys, listen Davis is not real. Hes a mask for Doomsday, Doomsday is not a good guy..there is no good guy trapped "there". Davis is just delaying the inevitable. Clark does not kill Doomsday...Superman sends him into this vortex of space and time. Just wanted everyone to know, Doomsday does not die...Davis not real...and Clark is not the real superhero. Hes man behind the mask.

  9. I think Davis is real. He loves, he feels, he makes independent choices for himself. He has been nothing but a good person up until this point. It wasn't Doomsday that's been saving lives over the last couple years as an EMT, it wasn't Doomsday guilt stricken over killing who keeps on asking God for forgiveness, it wasn't Doomsday who wanted to kill himself instead of being forced to murder. That was all Davis and he has a right to live just as anyone else does.

  10. aww please.. 8 seasons... can they stop it now? shows when reach the 6th season just gets out of ideas and falls in a stupid predictible rutine.. and gets worst every season...

    I think they just waste every seasons with lana, and clark just discovering each one of his powers... ray-vision, heat vision, super strenght. oh please.. and he havent learn to fly. oh come on...

    The only thing "good" or kinda good, its Doomsday and obviously they have to create a counter part for it, cause you know they need a storyline, they cant drop it theres doomsday fight clark and go...

    But anyway really.. this show .. in the seventh season the quality of writing, screening, storylines, and etc just get lost.... If lex doesnt back in someway... this show gonna get cancelled...

    I just HOPE.. really HOPE PLEASE dont make LANA COMEBACK or just erase the annoying characters or bring back the old lionel and lex

  11. how the talking about the BEAST episode turned into LANA-HATE enduced comment...

    give the girl a break!!! it is because of her and the original cast that the show sustained all these years for you to watch this episode...

    what is wrong with you people, what prompts you to talk about her in every chance possible for you? get over yourselves!!!


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