Episode 8.20 - Beast - Synopsis

“SMALLVILLE” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)

DAVIS ASKS CHLOE TO LEAVE TOWN WITH HIM — Clark (Tom Welling) discovers that Davis (Sam Witwer) is still alive and confronts Chloe (Allison Mack) about protecting him. Oliver (Justin Hartley) discovers Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) breaking into Chloe’s apartment, but things get rapidly worse after Davis jumps from the shadows and attacks both of them. Michael Rohl directed the episode written by Genevieve Sparling (#3T7470).

Source: CW


  1. I'm so bored with the Davis/Chloe storyline. Bring on Doomsday already! He should be a soulless killing machine, not some misunderstood lovelorn emo.

  2. Awww I hope this doesn't end the Chloe/Clark friendship :( but I bet it will it said so itself that it was going to change there relationship! I love Chlavis & I can't wait for this episode it looks like alot of drama/action/romance in it :) yay!

  3. I am bored to tears with Chloe in general but I think Davis and TESS are motha freaking HOT together!!!! :-)~ DAMN!!!!!! :-)~ When they were standing there talking after he was all better, all I could think was how freaking HOT they were together!!!! :-)~
    Anyway, I hope they just kill Chloe off already. I'm so sick and tired of her being the leading lady on the show.

  4. another episode with chloe and davis. i can't wait for this episode. yeeeee

    :D I love chloe

  5. I like both Allison Mack and Chloe a lot. Allison's acting is amazing. I truly hope she moves on the bigger things after Smallville. But with that said, I think the same thing will happen to the Chloe character that happened to the Lana character, the fans are going to turn. Fans have waited a very long time for this Clark Kent and this Lois Lane to begin their legendary love. As the writers continue to bring Chloe to the front, fans are over it, they want to see this Lois Lane brought to the front line. But with contract negotiations, most likely Allison will continue to be up front and center as the leading lady as I'm quite sure that was a stipulation upon her return.
    I hope the writers remember that the fans loved Lana and yet they turned on her. Not just because of how emasculated Clark Kent was written when in her presence, but because for a television show, things get old and played out. It's time to rotate Chloe and Lois Lane before the Chloe character is disliked like the Lana character.

  6. well, i only have one thing agains your comment anon 13 april 09:50. don't get me wrong. But lana lang and chloe sullivan are completely different charaters. Lana lang was the firts love in clark's life and chloe is his best friend.

    The clois fans have to mentalize themselves that chois will happen, because belongs to the superman story. is just a matter of time :)

    But Chloe charater can be complemented in the story as well, like a friend, their beautiful friendship, fact i think is beautiful enough to see.


  7. I love Chlavis!


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