Episode 8.22 - Doomsday - Synopsis

CLARK AND DOOMSDAY FACE OFF — Oliver (Justin Hartley) tells Clark (Tom Welling) he must kill Davis (Sam Witwer), as Doomsday is a serious threat and must be stopped at all costs. However, Clark struggles with taking a human life, so the Green Arrow and his team decide to take matters into their own hands. Lois (Erica Durance) takes on Tess (Cassidy Freeman), but the fight takes a shocking turn. Meanwhile, Chloe (Allison Mack) gets caught in the middle of Oliver and Clark’s battle over killing Davis. Aaron Ashmore also stars. James Marshall directed the episode written by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders (#3T74721).

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  1. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

  2. "Lois (Erica Durance) takes on Tess (Cassidy Freeman), but the fight takes a shocking turn. "

    a shocking turn...? so does Tess die?

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  4. Huh, maybe it's Davis and Tess that die. But what a waste of two new regulars that would be...

  5. i think the other person is clark, who dis,

    but obviously he comes back next season

  6. Clark doesn't die in the season finale. It's clear that Davis and Tess will be the ones to go and they're teasing Chloe's fate. The Justice League are going to get their tails kicked by Doomsday. If he can take out the Injustice group, I know he can take out the JL as well. The Clark/ Doomsday fight should be enormous and epic. This is going to be more like the comics version than the animated movie. The Lois/ Tess fight must've been added in the rewrites because Lois is not in Beast and Injustice.

  7. Goodbye Nois.

  8. "Goodbye Nois."

    ...How childish. She may die or leave, but if it happens it won't be permanent. She will eventually come back, and if some people still don't get it, then it's purely denial.
    I don't wish any character's death because I like all the characters, and when something ticks me off I blame the writing. For example, I don't like all the drama and angst surrounding Chloe and Jimmy being a drug addict, but I still like them.
    I hope season 9 will be more consistent with the storylines and won't involve a this-is-my-fault Clark. I'm sure the latter will happen because Clark's reluctance to kill Davis will cause Doomsday to kill and hurt people, some of them being people close to him. So I just hope it won't last half a season with him feeling guilty and brooding.

  9. well according to the spoilers there are two deaths one is davis, and the other is c***, well it is ether chloe or clark,

    one is chloe but since writers hinted that she will be back, she will be back

    and the other is clark since doomsday does kill superman, but comes back to life. so it could be clark

    and no i dont think its tess

  10. There's no way Tess will survive when she knows too much about Clark. According to the OD, Chloe is basically the center of everything. Lois is already dead back in the 6th season finale, Phantom, so that's not going to be shocking. If the Phantom Zone crystal or orb comes into play, I wonder if Faora's phantom spirit possesses Lois and causes her to kill Tess much like Isabel possessed Lana to kill Genevieve Teague.

  11. If they kill Tess they won't have a villain for next season so I don't see that happening. I really wish they didn't have to kill Davis, he's by far my most favorite character, but he's probably going to die. I'm guessing the second death will be jimmy since he's pretty useless. I do know that if Sam Witwer isn't coming back next season in some form then I'm done with this show.

  12. Tess dying makes sense. She's replaceable. They've done a lot of different things to her character. However, I don't like how they changed her. I prefer hardass, tough, bitchy Tess. Like in the Oliver flashback episode.
    I really can't see them doing much more to her character. She's kind of at a dead end. She was proven wrong about how she followed and trusted Lex. She supports Clark. She obviously doesn't want him harmed. What more can they do with her?
    I can see her fighting the good fight in the end and dying. It would be much better than the redundant dying-while-trying-to-get-info-on-Clark, like Lionel, Lex, and so many others did.
    They can easily replace her with a new baddie at the head of LuthorCorp. But I'm starting to hope they actually drop LC and focus on Metropolis and Superheroes/Supervillains. We don't need to learn about a new, new LC leader. We know LC will always be there. But maybe it's time to let it go.

    I think that out of the characters Chloe, Davis, and Jimmy - those who *could* die, most people would want Jimmy to. But, it's not going to happen. Even though his characters sucks now. Jimmy is too much a part of the mythology and franchise to be killed off.

    "and the other is clark since doomsday does kill superman, but comes back to life. so it could be clark"

    I disagree. They're talking about permanently killing off two characters. Clark would just come back. He's not one of those two.

    "well according to the spoilers there are two deaths
    and the other is c***, well it is ether chloe or clark"

    I don't know... those spoilers were a little while ago. Clearly, things change. The writers keep changing their minds. All the "maybes". I wouldn't rely on the "c****".

    The two deaths - Tess, Davis, Chloe, or Oliver.
    Unless Justin is signed on for the next season, I wouldn't dismiss Oliver just because he's the Green Arrow. And we really like him. I think it's possible for him to get caught in the middle of Clark/Chloe/Davis as he is already a part of it by disagreeing with Clark. I think he *could* be killed by Davis, causing Clark to finally kill Davis. It's possible if Justin isn't signed on.

    I agree that the "metaphorical" death can be Chloe. It doesn't necessarily have to be as bad as she dies and becomes a computer... just her leaving her old life behind - no longer being Chloe. That's a metaphorical death.

    My bets are on Davis and Tess.

  13. i think davis will die, but doomsday will live, i mean, davis will be consumed by doomsday and he will never comeback, instead of seeing davis, we will see doomsday always cuz doomsday can't really die, maybe clark kills him, but then he will comeback stronger, so my guess is davis and clark: doomsday and clark fight, both dies, and clark comebacks to life, just like in the comic. And, of course, they can bring doomsday back when they want to, cuz he can't die, in the comic the only way to kill him is sending him to the end of times, that's the only thing that can kill him for good.

  14. The most likely outcome of the season finale will be for Clark to send Doomsday to the Phantom Zone, but pays the price for it when he waited too long to make his decision. Clark was already dead back in Odyssey and he died in Chloe's arms. You think we're going to see this again in the season finale? I don't think so.

  15. Since the moment Tess appeared on Smallville, I have been wanting, hoping and wishing for a KILLER KICK A$$ choreographed kickboxing fight scene with Lois and Tess!!!! I really hope it ROCKS!!!!! Just as long as neither die. I LOVE them both.

  16. I think this just might be the biggest season finale Smallville has ever had (either this or "Commencement").

  17. I think it will be rather anti-climactic compared to the comics because only three members of the Justice League are coming back and how will arrows, superspeeding, magnetism or sonic screaming harm Doomsday? And as Clark cannot fly they can hardly do the flying into the sun then both of them dying in the force fo the fight and Doomsday's remains being strapped to an Asteroid (unless Clark steal Cosmic's ring but if so they will probably show Clark flying in promos, as they love that)

    The Tess\Lois fight may be interesting but sounds rather tagged on (the rest of metropolis is being destroyed and they have a random catfight), unless it is over the phantom zone crystal.

    As for the deaths they've said two will be not appearing next season who are in the title sequence now, one of which is a Vet. Assuming the networks haven't been putting out fake spoilers its pretty obvious one will be Sam Witwer and they have already signed Alison and Tom officially (also Ausellio's spoiler saying it is NOT C***E). This leaves Aaron, Cassidy, Justin and Erica. Of these it seems Erica is the only real veteran left, although it could also be Aaron or Justin I suppose at a strech. With the Justice League plot next season and many of the other cast on seperate projects now it seems illogical to kill either Chloe or Oliver as they are pretty much the only ones they can count on to appear. It is unclear if Aaron has a proper role in this epi at all considering he is a footnote in the synopsis and it would probably want to big him up if he dies. The fight does imply someone dies in it but maybe it is a memory wipe of some kind.

    My money would personally be on Lois fighting Tess for the Phantom Zone crystal, both being injured in the fight, Lois brings it to Clark who banishes Doomsday there, Lois then dies of her injuries in his arms or is so injured is put on life support, Chloe becomes really depressed believing she is the cause of all this, Tess sneaks off somewhere to plot her revenge against the Justice League for the injury.

  18. I agree that the Lois/ Tess fight was rather tagged and it could one of the things they've added when they rewrote the season finale to delay shooting.
    I think the shocking twist would be that Lois and Tess fight until Doomsday comes up and eats up Tess. This would be the first and only time Lois sees the monster. If she doesn't see Doomsday in this episode, this would tell me that Lois has been basically extraneous to the season's storylines the entire time.


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