Episode 8x20 Beast - New Promo

Source: TheODI


  1. Hell Yes (excuse my language) but we finally get some Chlavis action going on. I hope that that kiss was not a dream or anything else because I would love to see something like that really happening I love how Chloe is like in love with him

    Such an adorable couple

    GO CHLAVIS!!!!

  2. Go Chlavis Go!

  3. Go CHLAVIS!!! This is the best promo for any episode this season. Really looking forward to this episode.

  4. Ick. This whole Chloomy arc is beyond boring.

  5. WHOAAAAA nice can't wait!!!!!! First time i see Clark being so pissed!!!!!!!

  6. I agree with anon 20:59 here. The whole Chlavis arc just doesn't seem to go well together. So we are supposed to believe that she develops feelings for Davis very early on even after her marriage to Jimmy? Not to mention Chloe has known Jimmy since her internship at the Planet a number of years back. I just don't buy. I have liked Davis's character, I just can't stand the two together.


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