Episode 8x21 Injustice - Promo Pics

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Source: The ODI


  1. I feel that there is going to be a chlois smack down in Doomsday, only because by all reports it sounds like Chloe is actually brainiac! I could be wrong.

    rabid fan

  2. It's Max Miller, the first pych-kid on Supernatural, as Parasite!

  3. Since Injustice is directed by TW himself, this should be a good episode to showcase the Injustice group. The only heroes are Clark and Green Arrow. It would've been great if we had a Justice League Vs. Injustice group, but I hope they save it for the 9th season.

  4. I don't know about the upcoming casting info, but the blue haired (Illyria-looking) female looks like that girl Tess saved and recruited back at the beginning of the season. Am I right?

    Anon 5:30-
    I would like to see some more of the JL this season. But I agree that there should be alot next season.

  5. Where's LIVEWIRE??? I want to see her!!!! :-)


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