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Question: Any other clues for who will be dying in the Smallville finale? --David
Ausiello: The *er**n d***g ** n** C***e.

Source: EW


  1. The *er**n d***g ** n** C***e.
    The Person Dying is not chloe

  2. The *er**n d***g ** n** C***e.
    The Person Dying is not chloe

  3. Is this an April Fools day joke or for real?

  4. or it it The Person Dying is NOW chloe

  5. God, I am so sick of Chloe. I used to love her character, but I hated the way she's been shoe-horned into EVERY SINGLE EPISODE this season. Her scenes have become giant vortices of suck, dragging down this show. Her purpose in Smallville has come and gone. It's time for Lois Lane to take up her rightful place at Clark's side.

  6. Omg I am with Pepsiolic1 on this is this for real or a joke? Because I hope it's "The Person Dying is Not Chloe" omg I would be soooo happy she is my favorite besides Lois & I would die if she died lol so I hope they don't kill her off

  7. If Clark ends up being the one to die, what's the point of it since we've seen die several times in the show, including the one in Odyssey?

    I'd go with The Person Dying Is Now Chloe.

  8. Well I guess since this edition of the Ausiello report came out at about 10:30 p.m. on April 1st, it could be a part of April Fools Day, but I could be wrong. Also, Ausiello is a huge Chloe fan and I don't think he would joke around about this. I'm almost positive with this news that Chloe won't be dying. Should be interesting to see who will bite the dust in the season finale!

  9. MOTHER FUDDER!!!!!!! Ugh!!!! It's time for Chloe to go!!!!! Especially before fans turn on her like they turned on The Lang!!!! GET RID OF HER!!! KILL CHLOE OFF!!!!

  10. SO if it's not Chloe, the Smallville vet dying would have to be Clark ...

    Which means that this death cannot possibly stick.

  11. Intriguing... the only other "vets" on this show are Clark, Lois and Jimmy. Somehow I don't see those three dying, stupid Chlois theory not withstanding. Seeing as how this is Doomsday, and Doomsday did kill Superman, I could see Clark getting temporarily killed. Either that or Oliver... but that would mean Tess is doomed.

    Ah, who knows. Guess we'll see next month.

  12. Lex hasn't yet been found has he? maybe he's the Smallville vet to be offically killed... someone could have found his body.

  13. And what about Martha? She is a vet too. I really hope it's not Chloe, she is my favourite character since the begining of the show. And come on, we thought she was dead at least two times in the past 7 seasons, the grim reaper must love her too :)

  14. To me, wil,be a huge shock if Chloe will be the one who dies. I mean, some fans appreciate that idea: Chloe death, so thar in their words "the relationship between Lois and Clark can finally go on" But i just want to say one thing: when, since Chloe found out about Clark secret (fourth/fifth season), we saw some clue about "Chlark"??? And like we already know, Lois and Clark is meant to be, because belongs to the superman story. So the question is: knowing that "Chlark", in a romance level will have no future, why the "Clois" fans are so preoccupied if Chloe stays for more one season? Lois & Clark will happen. We all know the superman story and with who he will end. LOL.
    Besides, what the friendship between Chloe and Clark has to do with the romance between Lois & Clark???? What one think involves the other??? Chloe will always be Clark best friend, a beautiful friendship that deserves to have more developpment. So, the friendship concept is weaker than romance? In some cases, not. And in Chloe and Clark relationship we have that prove. But is only that. A beautiful friendship that deserves to be preserved. So, yes, Chloe, if she will be the one who dies, which sincerely i hope not, will be a great loss for the show. For me, Smallville will loose sense. If Chloe dies, something will be missed. For me Chloe, is one of the lights of the show. I will still watching smallville, but if Chloe dies, i will be watching only for curiosity, not for pleasure. Chloe is my fav characther of the show, represented by the talented and lovely Allison Mack, which i can say turned out to be my fav actress of the moment.
    If Chloe dies, will be, for me, a bad decision, because Chloe also deserves to ave a history and a good ending. She always helped and supported Clark. She doesn't deserve death; She deserves much better. Besides, i read that Allison Mack had signed for another year. She and the rest of the cast (except Sam - Davies) are all in the next year. So why saying that she will be the one who will die? So this news are not true? I bet on Maryha's death. After all, she is a smallville vet and we all know that in the comic's, superman parents (both) are death. Besides, in episode "Legion", this same trio also told that Clark could optioned to hide Chloe s that she could be safe, so that she coud be protected. I truly prefer this option. Another thing: this eighth smallville season had also been very Chloe centric and episodes like 8.09 (Abyss), 8.10(Bride) and 8.11 (Legion) are three of the main episodes Chloe centric( by the way, three of my favs of this season) and three of the episodes
    with higher ratings and with higher qualifications. So, if Chloe dies, this can be also resumed to a singular sentence = a huge mistake. Smallville had already lost characters lixe Lex Luther, Lana and Lionel Luther. If Chloe dies and if Lex could return in the ninth season, who stays behind? Lois & Clark and Jimmy, and possibly Lex. A series with this name had already been made!!! We don't need another copy. For that, we can all watch "The Adventures of Lois and Clark" with Teri Hacther and Dean Cain all over again. " sigh" NOT CHLOE, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :(

  15. Well, in first place, i want to say that, despite the way you wrote about Chloe/Allison Mack, this page gives us, to the fans, the opportunity to let here our text, our dedication to the actress and Chloe character. Only for that, it's a good thing.

    Proceeding: I want to start with your last sentence: A Jimmy/ Kara/ Chloe triangle???
    For Starters, with that you only give us the idea that you don't follow Smallville entirely. Because we all know that Kara charater only participated in the seventh season.
    So, her charater is not a Smallville regular any more. In the eighth season, Kara only showned as a guest star in only one episode.
    Not to mention that the actress is now busy with other projects. So, he return to the show will be unlikely.
    So, Kara/Jimmy/Chloe won't happen again. We can breathe in relief about that.

    Now, concerning to the Jimmy/Chloe couple, I just want to say a simple thing: Jimmy sucks!!!
    Jimmy never gave any contribution to the show and his character is the one with the worst story of smallville.
    And join Chloe with Jimmy???!!! No comments!!!

    Concerning to the possibility of Chloe death, here is what i think: If the Smallville producers "kill" Chloe, they are nothing more than showing us, to the fans, that they don't know what to do with Chloe anymore.
    She is an original character. That's the mainly reason i watch the show. Chloe is not a copy of another tv show. She has her own story and in my opinion, is this fact that gives strenght to Smallville.
    The generality of fans want to see new things, new story's, not old ones that we already know the end or based in another tv shows or movies already made with the same subject.
    The real question here is: Are the smallville producers able to continue with Chloe story? If they "kill" Chloe, they are showing us that they have no more ideas for her? That would be sad to know and certainly would be a sign of weakness and a lack of creativity. Not good to Smallville.
    Chloe is a good challenge because she is a good charater. Could be Chloe character or Chloe story so good that no one is able to respond and create her development???
    The Smallville producers have to surprise us and for that, keep Chloe in the story could be a good thing and a good strategy for the show.
    With Kristin Kreuk, John Glover and Michael Rosenbaum departure of the show, the only talented actress left behind was Allison Mack.
    If Chloe/Allison also leaves Smallville, who stays behind? Lois (Erica Durance), Tom Welling ( Clark) and Aaron Ashmore ( Jimmy).
    We don't need another copy. Between Teri Hatcher and Erica Durance and between Dean Cain and Tom Weeling i'm sorry, but everyone is able to see who are the better actors.
    Not to mention that Dean Cain and Teri Hacther had loads of chemistry.

    I already watched "Hex" Episode(8.17), more one Chloe centric, and watching Chloe as the watch tower was the highest point of the episode. My favourite scenes in almost all the episodes, are with Chloe/ Allison.

    One thing the Smallville Producers have to consider and not only the Smallville producers, but all of them, is that what gives life to any show are: THE FANS. So simple as that.
    All the producers have to consider that they are working for the fans and if our opinions, our values, our compliments, our judgements are not taken into consideration, the only ones who loose with that are the producers and the show itself.
    And one think i know: Of all the Smallville cast, Allison Mack/Chloe is the acress who has the larger community of fans around the world; there are countless sites about her, in all the languages(american/english, french, brazilian, portuguese, among others), livejournals ( the world of livejournals about Allison it's remarkable).
    The fans are the voice, the ears and the eyes of everything.
    So, if Chloe dies, Smallville fans (a huge number of fans)) will stay speechless, deaf and blind.

    Chloe death = Smallville death

  16. I bet on:

    The person dying is not chloe

    Because the person dying is now chloe, i think that this sentence don't have much sense.

    I hope it's the first option

    :D I heart chloe. she rocks

  17. I don't want Chloe to be the one to die. Up until this season she has been great and it's not her fault the writers have butchered her recently. Having Clark NOT die to Doomsday will make the comic fans just as mad as killing an important character to the true superman story. Clark and Doomsday will die together, and Chloe will bring him back to life.

  18. Basically if this happens, then the 8th season has built up to Clark dying instead of him flying or even wearing the suit. That's still bad writing because we've seen foreshadowings of Chloe's death for the last few episodes. I'd feel cheated if the final 5 episodes focused on Chloe and Clark ends up dying instead. If Clark were to die, shouldn't the final 5 episodes focus on him instead of Chloe?

  19. she might be the on the leave time and i dont hope so and second its the person dying is not chloe and they have rewitten the scrips so if they had plan for her to die they maybe thanged it the last min to save there sorry asses fhahhaha am a big chlois fan

  20. Smallville has a fair amount going for it (decent scripts, good special effects, an excellent DC comics mythology to pilfer from) but in my opinion the best part of the show is the original character Chloe Sullivan, who is played by the exceptional Allison Mack.

    Actors such as Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) and John Glover (Lionel Luthor) may excel at chewing the scenery, but it's the less showy Mack as Chloe who is the emotional heart of the show. Oh, if only Clark were into girls ... err... besides Lois and Lana that is.

    Chloe nurses a not-so-secret crush on Clark throughout high school, but once she finds out his secret she gives up her romantic notions and becomes his trusty sidekick and closest confidante.

    Chloe can't die. Chloe rocks


  21. extreme_ash11213 April 2009 at 03:43

    NOT Chloe. 'Now Chloe' makes no sense. And it would be a huge mistake to kill off the beloved Chloe. And as was beautifully stated by Anon 16:55, Chloe has been created for Smallville. She's a central part of the show. There are so many options for her. The truth is that Clark still needs, and will need (as the Justice League provided in the comics), guidance and support. And in Smallville, that used to be his parents. Now it's Chloe. She has become a pivotal character that seems to be the major person in Clark's life right now. And hopefully their powerful relationship - which has shaped Smallville - will never end. It is the one sure thing from the first episode that has survived. And the Chlark relationship/friendship is what truly made Smallville the success that it has become.

    But, am I the only one who thinks Chloe and Oliver look great together? And how he's his own superhero...

  22. WOW. you are not the only one who wants and like to see oliver and chloe together. Oliver is the kind of guy that is perfect for chloe. Not guys like jimmy. Oliver and chloe rocks.


  23. extreme_ash11214 April 2009 at 04:05

    Cool :)
    I love the whole Chloe/Davis arc, but in the long-term, it doesn't seem impossible to me for Chloe/Oliver. If she's directing the Justice League, then they will certainly spend a lot of time together. That relationship may just work out.
    I always love that shot in the opening credits of Chloe and Oliver on top of the Daily Planet, looking down.

    And it's always a plus seeing more Justin!

  24. Let it be lois.Let it be lois.Let it be lois.Let it be lois.
    If there is a god, then please let this happen..if it does I'll convert to a religion.

  25. looooooooooooool

    ANONYMOUS 07:47 lois, like you should know, in the superman story, lois will end with clark kent.

    lois can't end with two guys at the same time.

    lois&clark is the story everybody knows.


  26. It is either Now chloe, or not chloe. I love Clois and believe Clark Kent and Lois will be an important part of the story and will be together so she would not die. Chloe is an important part of the Smallville mythos so she probally won't die espacially now she is Watchtower but I'm okey if she dies because you have to admit she has little to no storylines on the show.

  27. The sentence structure of "the person dying is now Chloe" doesn't really make doesn't go right, ya know?

    I would say it's "the person dying is not Chloe". But I don't have a clue as to who really would die...

  28. I actually really like Erica Durance as Lois! I love her acting and her chemistry with all the other actors. She is my favorite with Chloe coming at a close second. I also think Chloe has way better chemistry with Davis then jimmy. However, even though I'm a chloe fan, I wouldnt be to sad seeing her go. I always suspected her character would eventually go since she Chloes character was never in the comics. Also, Chloe is the only other person besides Tess, that I think should get killed since Lois, Jimmy, Clark, Davis (Doomsday) are all in the original comicsI dont know, but it seems more logical to kill off either tess or Chloe.


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