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Flo in Los Angeles: Can you give more scoop on the Smallville finale death?
Just that there was a consensus in the comments section of our recent Smallville item about which character is dying, and it was not correct. That's all you'll get on that matter, but we will tease that executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders officially confirmed the return of Tom Welling and Erica Durance, so count them safe. Speaking of the finale, Cassidy Freeman says Tess Mercer is on the hunt for Davis, "Because I want Clark to accept the fact that he is Superman, and I don't think he can do that until he fights Doomsday." Throw down!

Source: E!Online


  1. This does seem slighty suspicious to me. How is confirming that Erica is signed without any prior information on this teasing? Especially considering CF has been ordered to keep quiet? Has a spoiler been let out that shouldn't be? or is this confused and they meant to say someonelse (such as Allison as she was the consensus in the thread)? I suppose an official announcement will come soon enough.


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