Smallville: The Complete Eighth Season [Blu-ray] availble for pre-ordering

You can now pre-order the Season 8 Blu-Ray edition here from Amazon.

NOTE: If you pre-order and the price drops you get the lowest price. If the price increases you get the price at the time you pre-ordered, so get pre-ordering now :)


  1. Out of all seasons so far, this is the one season that I am really really looking forward to owning!!! Lois Lane ROCKED this season!!! Plus Tess is freaking awesome!!! And that amazing ending in Bride with the song by Vast with the perfect editing for each of the characters to the lyrics! FANTASTIC!!!!!
    Yup, I can't wait to add this DVD box set to the rest of them!!! I just hope that freaking Chloe is NOT up front and center of the DVD box cover!!
    But for now, I'll just keep all the Lois episodes saved in the DVR until this box set hits stores. :-)


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