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  1. Wow. What a steaming pile of suck. I'm shocked that this episode actually aired on national television. I think they stole the script from some 12-year old's fanfiction.

    The "Stiletto" trailer was the highlight of the hour. This episode proved that Smallville is utterly unwatchable without Lois.

  2. extreme_ash11213 April 2009 at 03:32

    I absolutely loved it! I love every Davis/Chloe scene - they are just so amazing. The final scene - OMG I love it. I knew it had to happen. It's what I thought would happen between Chloe and Davis.

    I thought both Allison and Sam were phenominal. Loved the visual effects. The episode was so intense. The cinematography when Davis was trapped was excellent. And again... awesome final scene! It was written out so well. It's realistic. An episode ago it would've seemed impossible that Chloe would stay with him. But to save Clark, to save so many lives.
    So great!

    Anon 2:10 - lol. Bitter Lois fan?

  3. The Stilleto trailer/idea looks/sounds just stupid.

  4. extreme_ash1121, you took the words out of my mouth!!!
    I agree about everything, it was such a great episode!
    I thought the actors,did such a great job
    I really empathized with Davis character, poor guy
    Finally, a worthy/watchable Smallville episode

    The stiletto thing looks ridiculous,and I don't mean in a good way.
    Feels like they have done this before in previous season, just can't seem to pinpoint which one.

  5. All the characters that are featured in Eternal are in danger when we get to the season finale for different reasons - Clark has to face his biggest challenge in Doomsday, Chloe is now harboring Davis, Tess knows too much about both Clark and Davis, and Davis will be no more once he becomes Doomsday.

  6. I would have given it an awesome instead of Great but I am sooooooooo sick and tired of the Chloe storylines. Other than that, Tess freaking ROCKS!!! AND DAMN!!!!! Tess and Davis look so freaking HOT together!!!!!
    I wish Lois Lane was in all the episodes!!!! I always lose interest in the episodes that she's not in.

  7. LOL. i absolutely loved eternal episode. Chloe freaking rocks!!! And damn! Chloe and davis look so freaking Hot together. I always lose interest in the episodes that chloe is not in. she is the best actress of the show.

    Stilleto seems like a episode just to give emphasis to ED body and looks. i don't like episodes like that. Not to mention that erica is just that: the looks and the body. besides that, she has nothing. Allison mack did a wonderful job in Eternal, as always. she is the soul of smallville and it's allison mack that mantains the good quality of the episodes. when she is not, the episodes are reduced to garbage.


  8. oh it was only me or anyone thought that the charater jimmy sucks!!???

    I mean, kill jimmy, for god sake! I think it's the best they can do!!! His presence and his story!!!. .. i think it's time to "kill" the character for once.

    infortunately he belongs to the superman story and he won't die.

  9. extreme_ash11214 April 2009 at 04:15

    "extreme_ash1121, you took the words out of my mouth!!!
    I agree about everything, it was such a great episode!
    I thought the actors,did such a great job
    I really empathized with Davis character, poor guy"

    Thanks. Yea, I agree. Sam does such an amazing job with Davis so that the audience can really feel bad for this guy. I mean, if you tell anyone the story - there's this EMT running around as a serial killer and murdering what may be fifty people... - that sounds like no character that someone would empathize with or support. But we do with Davis! Sam is brilliant.

    "oh it was only me or anyone thought that the charater jimmy sucks!!???"

    It's not just you. Aaron is awesome and he's done everything they wanted. I just don't see the character of Jimmy going anywhere at this point. He seems way too lost. But I did love watching Aaron in a darker role.
    And while the whole Chloe/Jimmy thing was very sweet and seemed like it was going to work out, Chloe/Davis just overshadowed it, imo, and was more intriguing, more intense.
    The guy that Chloe would most likely fall for seems more like a Doomsday-free-Davis or Oliver. A fighter. A hero. Someone more powerful than usual.

  10. exactly. I also think about that. i hope, if chloe doesn't die and oliver, to see them together. Poor chloe. she is very unlucky with men: first clark ( he is destined for lois), second jimmy( i also love aaron. he is great, of course, but he had bad luck with his storyline. it's not his fault) . But Chloe deserves a real hero. I like davies also, but damn. he is a monster. she can't have a future with him. :(

    So, oliver and chloe would be a great couple. i really hope to see that in ninth season. finally!!!!oliver and chloe rocks. they are my favourite characters of the show.



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