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  1. "K-Site" is convinced this episode was dedicated to them (the site) lol.

    I actually loved this episode, I was expecting to hate it because it seemed cheesy with lois pretending to be a superhero, but they really pulled it off.

    The doomsday scene was pretty cool, as well as Lois's question of putting an S on her chest.

  2. Seeing Lois and Jimmy sort of working together earlier and then Clark, Lois and Jimmy together in a jam then with Lois and Jimmy helping Clark out of there, "Pure Gold"!
    Other major highlights for me were...
    Lois suiting up when she made her costume! Wish she had a Batgirl motorcycle!
    When Clark and Lois were sitting at their desks and then he was looking down at his bag with his costume and then Lois looking down at her bag with her costume before the bolted out with their excuses! LOVED it!
    Lois was hysterical with her fake accent and the then time to get back to the cave line!
    Crashing through the window rocked! I guess the writers thought that if characters like Batman, Robin & Batgirl can do, Lois Lane can, too.
    Loved it when they were sitting at their desks and she took his bear claw and started to eat it after he commented on her costume. Flirting 101 baby!
    But the biggest highlight for me is how he treated her on the phone as RBB! And when he called her Ms. Lane! ugh! LOVED it!!!! And then when she asked him if he could read her mind!!!! I LOVE it when they give us nods to the Reeve/Kidder films!!!!
    This episode gets an A from me!!!!

  3. Excellent interactions between Durance and Welling at the Daily Planet near the end and on the phone. Great chemistry!


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