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Season 9 - Promotional Poster

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Latest from Ausiello - Are they casting Zod?!

It sure sounds like it based on this season 9 casting notice that just fell into my lap:

MASON: Late 20's early 30's. He's a handsome charismatic charmer who savors life. He appreciates good food, loves fast cars and sees beauty in every woman. There isn't a detail in life that eludes his senses. He is a master of seduction... knowing what everyone wants and needs before they do. But don't let his magnetism fool you. There's more than meets the eye. His intelligence can't be matched. He outmaneuvers everyone in his path. Though he longs to find a home, that vulnerability can be twisted -- making him a force to be reckoned with."


Source: EW

Latest from TV Guide

Thanks to Shanna for the heads up.

They soon will be split up — Smallville is moving to Fridays at 8 — but Clark Kent and the Winchester brothers still have something in common: Despite rumblings surrounding both shows, neither is necessarily entering its final season this fall.

Asked if Clark Kent will hang up his red windbreaker after Season 9, CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff told on Thursday, "No .... It's not necessarily the last season." Ostroff then volunteered, "I hope it's not."

Similarly, Eric Kripke has maintained in recent years that Supernatural is operating on a five-year plan, meaning this next cycle would conclude Sam and Dean's saga. Ostroff, though, says she is adopting a "We'll see how the season goes" outlook.

After all, "[The Supernatural creative team] did a really good job this year," Ostroff notes, "and it really paid off in the ratings."

Come fall, The Vampire Diaries will lead int…

Smallville: Justin Hartley Erica Durance at Chicago UpFronts

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The CW's 2009-10 schedule

8 p.m. "Gossip Girl"
9 p.m. "One Tree Hill"

8 p.m. "90210"
9 p.m. "Melrose Place"

8 p.m. "America's Next Top Model"
9 p.m. "Beautiful Life"

8 p.m. "Vampire Diaries"
9 p.m. "Supernatural"

8 p.m. "Smallville"

Smallville Moving from Thursday's?

Ausiello is reporting that Vampire Diaries will be replacing Smallville in it's current Thursday Timeslot.

Sam Witwer talks about Doomsday

Thanks to Susana for the heads up.

When he signed on as Smallville’s hunky paramedic, Davis Bloome, actor Sam Witwer knew it would only be for one season_the show’s last, everyone believed at the time. But a few story lines in the season finale caught even him by surprise.

Fans got a double shock in the season finale when both Davis and Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) died at each other’s hands. What was your reaction when you received the script?
It was definitely a shock. I didn’t see it going down like that, so I was very surprised. Aaron is such a great actor that I really disliked the idea of taking him out. I don’t know that I saw Davis freaking out and killing Jimmy. It’s my job to just say the lines convincingly, but that was something I struggled with.

Did you express your concerns to the writers?
I did, but they had their ideas. It is not for me to say what should happen. Throughout the season, they were very receptive to what I had to say. This was not a battle that I won. But I did…

What did you think of Smallville - Doomsday?

Talking Smallville with Tess Mercer

Thanks to Susana for the heads up.

IGN: Can you talk about the changes in Tess since she first appeared?

Cassidy Freeman: Wow, a lot of changes. So Tess comes in first and foremost, under the rule of Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) which is a big change. I think she was a bit harder at first. A bit more guarded with her feelings, how she felt about things, because she didn't know anyone. She felt like the odd man out. When you feel like the odd man out, you can either put up a wall and pretend like it's supposed to be there, or you can kind of die down and be weak. She obviously had to choose the former.

But I think, since then, she's learned a lot, obviously. I think that she's taken her life and made it her own and seeing what that means to her. Learning about Clark's abilities and what that means to her. There's this man out there, a man that does the right thing every time. (laughs) That man did not exist and now he does. What was just a vault of information that she …

E!Online Article on Smallville Deaths

The season finale of Smallville is this Thursday, which means the much talked about deaths are upon us.

The cast and crew are being very tight-lipped about who's saying goodbye to Metropolis on Thursday night, but we did try our best to get executive producer Kelly Souders to tell us who would be back next season, and she obliged...a bit.

For clues as to who survives, read on...

Here's what Kelly has to say on who's returning next season:

Tom Welling: "We wouldn't take a step without him."

Erica Durance: "Erica is the one person we can say yes to. We all know in the mythology it's Clark and Lois forever."

Cassidy Freeman: [Long silence] "I don't know if we can say."

Aaron Ashmore, Justin Hartley, Kristin Kreuk and Sam Witwer: "We can't tell you."

Michael Rosenbaum: "We love Michael; we would love for him to be able to come back and at least do some appearances."

Allison Mack: "We can't tell you!" (Thoug…

Allison Mack leaving after next Season?

Matt Dentler: What’s the latest with Smallville? How do you like living in Vancouver?

Mack: The latest with Smallville is that we have another season [after this season’s finale on May 14]. Tom has signed for two more, so the show will go until season 10. I will be completed with my contract next year, and I am looking for new and exciting ways to carry out my character’s exit. I love living in Vancouver, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I love the people, the food, the aesthetic, and the life I have built here. It’s wonderful.

Source: Indiewire

Cassidy Freeman interview about being the evil chick

Video courtesy of OSCK

Episode 8x22 (Season Finale) - Three New Promo Pics

Episode 8x22 (Season Finale) Doomsday - Three New Promo Pics

Thanks to Kryptonsite

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8.22 Doomsday Director's Cut & Daily Planet Tour

Courtesy of OSCK
Director's cut and Aaron Ashmore giving a tour of the Daily Planet

Cassidy Freeman Interview

Thanks to Susana for the heads up.

The actress behind Tess Mercer tells us about acting opposite an orb and getting a black-eye on-set

Smallville is ramping up for it's season finale, Doomsday, where Clark is going to come face to face with Davis Bloom in his Doomsday persona. Doomsday, the only villain who can make the claim of having killed the Man of Steel. As if that wasn't enough for the hero to face, he must also deal with the schemes and plans of Tess Mercer, the new head of LuthorCorp, who knows Clark's secret. Tess has being working hard to force Clark to face Doomsday, and her motivations for this are unclear - is she on the side of angels or not?

We got the chance to talk to Cassidy Freeman, who plays Tess on the show, where we asked her a few questions. Here's what Cassidy had to say:
Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us.
Cassidy Freeman: Thanks for wanting to interview me.

Let's start with the big question - Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders have …

Episode 8.22 - Doomsday - Episode Info

Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy from the Legion) travels back from the future at the beginning of the episode to meet with Clark. He tells Clark that he hopes he is not too late, also admitting that every time the Legion travels through time, they take the chance of disrupting fate.
- While Brainiac was defeated in the Legion's previous visit, there's someone else who no longer exists... Clark is gone too. "When you saved Chloe's life, you saved her connection to Doomsday," Rokk warns. "She stopped you from sending him to the Phantom Zone; she made him invulnerable by trying to kill him with kryptonite. And now, because of Chloe, you cannot defeat him."
- Clark tells Rokk that he'd never take back his choice to save Chloe.
- Rokk gives Clark a new Legion ring and tells him to use it to send Doomsday to the future, where the Legion is ready and prepared to fight him.
- Clark tells Rokk that his father always told him that he was sent to Earth to save mankind. &qu…

Episode 8.22 - Doomsday - Web Clip

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Episode 8x22 Doomsday (Season Finale) - New Promo

Smallville Episode 8x22 Doomsday (Season 8 Finale) - New Promo

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What did you think of Smallville - Injustice ?

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Latest TV Guide Scans

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Smallville - Sneak Peek

The Grim Reaper is about to make an unwelcome pit stop in Smallville, and, if I'm not mistaken, the blockbuster trailer The CW cut together for the May 14 season finale comes very close to identifying at least one of the victims. I could be wrong. Don't think I am though. Watch the latest episode of Ausiello TV and judge for yourself (hint: it features an exclusive first look at said trailer. You can thank me later, Smallville fans.)

Also in the new ATV: Fresh details about Booth and Brennan's season-ending hookup on Bones, and a Grey's-themed wedding present for Mer-Der fans.

Press play below!

Source: EW

Latest from Kristin

Lonnie in Chicago: Any hints on what villains are coming to Smallville?
A few fan faves will be back next season, but we'll have to wait a while to find out the rest. Says Brian Peterson, "We introduced several this year that we'll probably bring back next year. We loved Zatanna. We looked at a few others that we want to introduce, but we're going to wait for Comic-Con to release all that." One hero you won't see stopping by is Batman. Though the producers really want to have him on the show, Kelly Sounders says there's still trouble with the franchise crossovers: "Obviously everybody wants to keep all the franchises going and give the fans what they want in each. If that opening ever, ever occurs, we'll be all over it."

Source: E!Online

Episode 8.21 - Injustice - Sneak Peek

Thanks to Tamara and Susana for the heads up.

Episode 8x21 Injustice - New CW Promo

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What did you think of Smallville - Beast?

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