Allison Mack leaving after next Season?

Matt Dentler: What’s the latest with Smallville? How do you like living in Vancouver?

Mack: The latest with Smallville is that we have another season [after this season’s finale on May 14]. Tom has signed for two more, so the show will go until season 10. I will be completed with my contract next year, and I am looking for new and exciting ways to carry out my character’s exit. I love living in Vancouver, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I love the people, the food, the aesthetic, and the life I have built here. It’s wonderful.

Source: Indiewire


  1. Wow, happy there is hopefully a 10th season, but no chloe?:(

  2. It would be so sad to see Smallville without Chloe in it's 10th season, I cna't imagine SV without her :(. Sad how we have to say goodbye to so many characters. I hope season 10 will at least have some favourites returning.

  3. It looks like Doomsday will see a couple of deaths and several departures.

  4. wow...we r gonna be seeing lots of Clois then...Lois always seems to light up clark's mood...which is what the show needs more ..because lately its almost full of drama..


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