E!Online Article on Smallville Deaths

The season finale of Smallville is this Thursday, which means the much talked about deaths are upon us.

The cast and crew are being very tight-lipped about who's saying goodbye to Metropolis on Thursday night, but we did try our best to get executive producer Kelly Souders to tell us who would be back next season, and she obliged...a bit.

For clues as to who survives, read on...

Here's what Kelly has to say on who's returning next season:

Tom Welling: "We wouldn't take a step without him."

Erica Durance: "Erica is the one person we can say yes to. We all know in the mythology it's Clark and Lois forever."

Cassidy Freeman: [Long silence] "I don't know if we can say."

Aaron Ashmore, Justin Hartley, Kristin Kreuk and Sam Witwer: "We can't tell you."

Michael Rosenbaum: "We love Michael; we would love for him to be able to come back and at least do some appearances."

Allison Mack: "We can't tell you!" (Though from our previous chat with Kelly and exececutive producer Brian Peterson, it's likely that Allison is coming back next season).

Source: E!Online


  1. Well, we know from Tom and Erica that they're returning. As long as Allison, Aaron (and Oliver perhaps too) are returning with them, I'm cool. I'm still holding hope for a Chlimmy reunion, and I sure can do without Davis and Tess. Lana too btw. Never hated a character more than I hate her (don't throw tomatoes, lol)
    As for Michael.. Well I'd be more than happy to see him return :D

  2. From all these spoilers combined (asuming they are all true), the deaths have to Jimmy (as they have said 1 vet) and Davis, which seems pretty anti-climactic and makes very little sense plot or otherwise.

  3. So they can kill of Lex and Jimmy, but not Lois Lane, and have a character named Chloe Sullivan, and still claim to be following the mythos? How absurd.

    I think Smallville just lost their only chance on making a name for itself. Now it's going to be forever known as the cheap imitation of Lois and Clark, at least that show had depth unlike this show.

  4. Maybe Chloe does die but her memories and personality are stored in the computers at Isis so next year she can be Watchtower, Max Hedron style.

  5. If they kill off GA, this would be one instance where I would seriously just stop watching a show.

  6. Clark and Lois surviving the season finale is all I care about. I can see Davis and Tess being the ones to die and Jimmy and Oliver being the ones to leave.

  7. magnetic ocelot13 May 2009 at 13:48

    please, no more lana lang..this show needs to be able to get on without her...

  8. I'll be seriously upset if they get rid of GA too. If he's there next season they better turn the character around.


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