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When he signed on as Smallville’s hunky paramedic, Davis Bloome, actor Sam Witwer knew it would only be for one season_the show’s last, everyone believed at the time. But a few story lines in the season finale caught even him by surprise.

Fans got a double shock in the season finale when both Davis and Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) died at each other’s hands. What was your reaction when you received the script?
It was definitely a shock. I didn’t see it going down like that, so I was very surprised. Aaron is such a great actor that I really disliked the idea of taking him out. I don’t know that I saw Davis freaking out and killing Jimmy. It’s my job to just say the lines convincingly, but that was something I struggled with.

Did you express your concerns to the writers?
I did, but they had their ideas. It is not for me to say what should happen. Throughout the season, they were very receptive to what I had to say. This was not a battle that I won. But I did my damnedest to take what I was given and run with it.

I see what you’re saying. The whole point of Clark wanting to spare Davis’ life by separating him from the beast was that he saw some potential good in Davis once he was free from Doomsday.
(Laughs) Yeah, that was the thing. I always tried to play Davis as a really good guy who was in a very bad situation. I never looked at him as a psychopath, just someone who was very broken. The one thing I was very clear on was that when he was stabbed and dying, that had to be a moment of peace for the character. He was okay with it.

With the characters having to mourn Jimmy, Chloe was never really shown reacting to the death of Davis, whom we were led to believe she deeply loved.
Did she, or did she not? Chloe’s argument was that she protecting Clark. I have no idea where the truth lies.

Jimmy got a funeral, but we never saw what happened to Davis’ body.
They stuffed him in a closet to deal with later.

You knew all along you were only on board for one season, right?
Yeah I did. When Smallville hired me they believed they had only one season left. But the ratings went up, so they realized there might be a ninth season. We didn’t know until fairly late in the season because they were trying to make a deal with Tom Welling (Clark) to come back. By then, they’d already mapped out my character. He was already killing people. Had we known there was going to be more than one season, we would have had Davis be a normal guy for a longer time before turning him toward where he was ultimately headed.

Was Aaron completely shocked to be killed off?
He may have been more prepared than I was. He told me that he had heard about it a few months back, but had to keep his mouth shut. I was crushed when I heard about him. I know that it wasn’t really the producers’ idea. It was some kind of concern about Jimmy Olsen being too old. He was supposed to be at least ten years younger when he interacted with Clark and Lois and DC is very concerned about protecting its properties. It had to be corrected as the show heads towards Clark becoming Superman.

The last piece left to correct is Chloe, who is not part of the adult Superman lore. Is Allison Mack concerned that she could be next?
I think she’s aware of that.

The wide assumption was that the Doomsday storyline would go down like it did in the comic books—with Doomsday killing Clark Kent, who would only later be resurrected. But that didn’t happen. Instead, the character was split into two personas, with Clark killing the monster and Jimmy killing Davis.
I actually thought that they might do that as well. I guess that’s supposed to happen later on in Clark’s career.

What was that tool that Jimmy killed Davis with?
(Laughs) I don’t know. Some kind of weird fork or something. In television, if you fall down on a chair, one of the legs of the chair is going to find a way to stab you in the chest.

How long did it take to film that scene?
A long time. More than half a day.

In the comics, Doomsday was the ultimate challenge for Superman. And I’m sure it was no coincidence that they chose him to be the last villain for what they believed would be Smallville’s final season. How can they possibly outdo themselves with General Zod next year?
I think they need to have a threat a lot wider than a few city blocks. It’s got to be someone who could destroy a lot more than Metropolis. Zod should be less about brute force and more about a brilliant enemy.

I thought throughout the season the monster looked quite terrifying. But last night there were a couple shots of him on the street looking very much like a guy in a Godzilla costume. What’s the story there?
(Laughs) Did it? I saw parts of that. The shoot is very tricky. I think the suit was very well done, but the best thing to do with suits is to put them in dark light and just see little pieces of it. Maybe you got too good a look at it.

Was that you in the suit?
No it’s not. One of the nice things about this gig was that my presence could be felt even when I was at home playing X-Box. A guy named Dario is the man in the suit. He’s a very tall guy—even taller than Tom. I’m 6’1 and used to being one of the taller guys on set, but on Smallville it wasn’t like that. Tom is like 6’3’’, 6’4’’ and Dario is even taller than him. They needed to find someone way taller than me for that suit.

Who do you think you’ll stay in touch with from the cast?
I love Cassidy [Freeman, who plays Tess]— she’s awesome. We’re both from Chicago and our fathers were acquainted. And I’d love to hang out with Aaron. Justin Hartley [Green Arrow] is hilarious and Tom’s really nice. There wasn’t a bad apple among them.

Source: TV Guide


  1. I'm glad Sam saw the flaws in the writers judgement, seriously tptb need to fire the writing staff.

  2. Sam and Aaron are bitter about the season finale as the rest of us. This is why I hope that Greg Beeman and Jeph Loeb return to the show.

  3. First off, I liked the finale. I admit that the fight between Clark and Doomsday could have been longer and the episode itself could have been longer as well. But overall, it was good. It wasn't near as bad as you guys are making it seem. Secondly, the producers didn't mess up the mythos. They are trying to fix it. Al/Miles messed it up. The Superman mythos were pretty muched shot to hell in season 4, episode 1 when Al/Miles introduced Lois Lane when we all know that Lois and Clark didn't meet until he worked at The Daily Planet, where he instantly fell in love with Lois at first glance, already moved out of Smallville to the big city and was long over Lana Lang. Plus, Lois was younger than Clark, not older as on the show. Thirdly, Jimmy was practically a boy compared to Clark. Clark and Lois were much older than Jimmy. Jimmy always admired Lois from a far and never was romantically linked to anyone else. The real Jimmy is the right age of the mythos. Fourth, the Zod storyline didn't come out from left field. In the episode "Bloodline", Lois, possessed by Foara, told Davis that her and Zod are his parents and that Davis is the spitting image of this father. That should have been a major clue on what was going to come. Last but not least, the Kandor storyline was mentioned by Kara Kent in "Bloodline" episode also. None of these stories came from out of left field. Doomsday is not dead. He's buried deep underground just like in the comics. He will emerged from the ground and Clark and Doomsday will have a real showdown where he will kill Superman or in this case Clark Kent. The new producers just have to correct all the mistakes Al/Miles did in the past seasons to make Smallville line up with the mythos.

  4. Whatever the new showrunners did in the 8th season will stick, but they're going to retcon everything that AlMiles did for the past 7 seasons.

  5. I've always liked Sam Witwer as a person. In interviews, he seems always so down-to-earth and he gets this character like no one else. I'm glad to read he hated Jimmy's death as much as the fans did, cause it was a cruel decision. I'm sticking to my point where they easily could've kept AA as Jimmy around for one more season, have him introduce his little brother in season 9, then depart the show with Chloe in the season finale, since Allison's contract will expire then as well. I don't know, have Clark clean their memories about him and leave together.

    Anyways, back on topic. Like I said, I have always like Sam as a person, always seems so nice. However, I can't say I feel sorry about Davis' death. I've come to destest the character throughout the season and I just plain hate him for killing my beloved Jimmy. Wish all the best to Sam though :)

  6. by crasey i thinch if they have 2 more seasons they should wonder woman in batman for season 9 and they should bring back doomsday bloom because doomsday needs a battle and they should bring in dark side and bring back bazzaro

  7. magnetic ocelot18 May 2009 at 18:16

    im just wondering what they are going to do for another 2 seasons. more teasing and hinting and pussyfooting around things like clark becoming superman, lois being used for comic relief and filler only, etc.

  8. how do you guys know that there are 2 more seasons?

  9. TW signed on for two more seasons

  10. Actually Tom can sign for 423423435 seasons but that doesn't mean there will be so many.. They do the contracts so that they know in case they want to make another and get the idea in the last minute.. this thing with a couple of seasons forward contract is quite common but this is not insurence for a 10th season at all...


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