Smallville - Sneak Peek

The Grim Reaper is about to make an unwelcome pit stop in Smallville, and, if I'm not mistaken, the blockbuster trailer The CW cut together for the May 14 season finale comes very close to identifying at least one of the victims. I could be wrong. Don't think I am though. Watch the latest episode of Ausiello TV and judge for yourself (hint: it features an exclusive first look at said trailer. You can thank me later, Smallville fans.)

Also in the new ATV: Fresh details about Booth and Brennan's season-ending hookup on Bones, and a Grey's-themed wedding present for Mer-Der fans.

Press play below!

Source: EW


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's going to be the most epic episode of Smallville ever!

  3. awesome trailer! but i dont think it helped us figure out who was going to die

  4. The trailer is trying to make us all believe that Clark will be the one to die, but instead will be someone else. If this were to ring true, the trailer has done its job.

  5. I think Tess is one of them who's dying. If they kill off Lois or Jimmy, I will scream.

  6. And so....what do you think about Lois find the "legion" ring???Have you seen that????
    I just can't wait!!!!!!!

  7. Oliver really is crazy! I can't believe he shoot him!
    RBB and Lois talked again! WOW!

  8. Lois will be the Best of the episode!! She have the Legion Ring!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. It's definitely two timelines. The first timeline will see the deaths of Clark and Jimmy and that their funerals are attended by Chloe, Tess, and Oliver. Lois and/or Cosmic Boy use the Legion ring to go back in time to set things right the way it's supposed to be. The second timeline will see Clark and Jimmy live, but two different will die in their place. The only definite is the return of Zod holding the Orb after he probably kills someone who tried to revive Davis that happens in the end. I think they want to focus on Zod in the 9th season premiere. Lois and Cosmic Boy are going to be the wild cards of the season finale.


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