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  1. I FREAKING LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg I loved Chlavis in this episode they kicked butt dude seriously they are my NEW & always favorite couple now seriously Chloe & Davis are awesome & that kiss omg sooooo hot!

    Allison & Sam & Tom were amazing in this episode I loved everyone else but those 3 omg soooo good! :)

  2. AWESOME!!! I just loved this episode and Chloe is the best!
    Allison Mack is the best n Smallville. Just AMAZING!!

  3. Episodes like this make me wonder why the hell I still watch this show.

  4. Episodes like this make me wonder why the hell I still watch this show.

    Couldn't have said it better my self.

    It has become so stupid.Chloe is really pissing me off.How the hell can she go to the fortress and a remove a crystal.What's next she is gonna become like Lana?The superwoman.I liked Lana and i like Chloe but come on they seriously underestimate our intelligence.

    And Clark needs to grow a pair of balls.

  5. Oliver basically summed up this episode - Chloe has changed, whether she denies it or not.

  6. Episodes like this remind me why I still watch Smallville. It was amazing, especially the last few scenes. AM, TW and SW were brilliant. This episode just showed how much better this show could be without EDLois. Lois who? Was she even mentioned in the episode? One of the only things I had a problem with was Ollie being a complete douche bag. And when did Ollie and Jimmy meet? Offscreenville again?


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