What did you think of Smallville - Doomsday?


  1. I really didn't like this ep. Which is sad because this episode should've got me all excited for next season, but instead I was left feeling like 'eh'
    I mean come on they killed Jimmy when they should've got rid of Chole and Davis. And Clark's whole 'Clark Kent is dead' speech was so unneeded. Honestly they need to spend the entire next season turning him into full blown superman, no more hinting at it, no more cry baby bullshit, no more denying his feelings. Just get to the goods and end the series.

  2. The battle with doomsday was anti-climactic, Lois' disappearance was anti-climactic, the ending with the orb came out of nowhere, Clark didn't learn how to fly. Booo.

  3. Biggest failure of an episode EVER. This was suppose to be the Superman coming out party, but instead they gave a shady ending to Doomsday that was worked on for 20 episodes. What happened to the HUGE fight scene? Four punches were thrown then we just saw a big explosion lol. As soon as Jimmy found out about Clark I instantly knew he was dead. I can't believe I told my friends to watch this episode (who weren't fans of the show). I'm gonna go shake my head in shame.

  4. I disagree about the above, sure it was overhyped, but it was still a great finale, although the end bit with the orb, man and sign lost me totally.
    Hate that Jimmy died right after learning Clark's secret, and reuniting with Chloe, although I am glad he did reunite with her before the end.

    I love how they made the human side of Davis kill him, and even more, that Jimmy killed Doomsday (even Clark cculdn't do it:P)

  5. magnetic ocelot15 May 2009 at 05:04

    WHO THE HELL WAS THAT GUY AT THE END? Imperiex?! zod?!

    if they had ended the episode with clark flying off it would have been cool.

  6. wtf how can they kill jimmy,

    i still think he will come back next season, i hope he does thou
    coz he has a big part in the superman universe, mayb with the legion ring that lois has

    the man at the end is ZOD btw people

  7. ^ Smallville's Jimmy Olsen was revealed to be the older brother of the DC universe Jimmy Olsen. The pastor declared his name to be "Henry James Olsen." Jimmy Olsen from the comics is "James Bartholemew Olsen," who was the child that Chloe gave the camera to.

    I was expecting a bit more glorious fight, but I'm not disappointed. You have to understand that Smallville is a network television show, and it must adhere to a strict budget. You can't expect super big-budget fights like you see in movies.

    It'll be interesting to see the season premiere. The premieres are usually better than the finales.

  8. We were promised a huge fight scene, wow that was terrible. They said they are staying close to DC mythology. I don't know DC that well but does Jimmy Die? Isn't Doomsday one of the most phyically demanding villains for Superman? Would it not have been cool if Doomsday killed Clark to make him ultimately realize that he needs two identities when he comes back to life?
    Also, Doomsday was created by Zod in the show, so it would have been better if Zod ultimately created Doomsday to inhabit his indestructable body?
    Whatever, I am not a writer. Really disappointing finale. They already used Zod, rather of them gone big or gone home with Darkside or something. Better luck next year.

  9. uh anonymous 15 May 2009 05:45

    you should write the damn show, because this crap-shoot of an episode left me not even wanting to see the next season, and what you wrote up there sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than what they've come up with...honestly Supernatural's finale whooped Smallville's ass tonight...

  10. I think the whole "will they kill Chloe" publicity leading up to this ep was designed to distract us from the fact that nothing in the script made sense?

    Rokk's claim that Supes died didn't come true. Tess doesn't use her tracking device to get Clark to fight Davis. Why does Tess suspect Lois of exploding the vault from the inside instead of the more obvious suspects: Clark, Davis or Oliver? Lois sees a video with Lex's former assistant but this plot point goes nowhere.

    The JLA aren't shown doing any fighting at all -- how did they subdue Davis? Why did they tie him up with plastic bands? How did they escape Doomsday? Why didn't Doomsday kill them all? Why aren't we shown ANY fighting? Why are Chloe and Clark talking their disappearance when they were just at the funeral?

    What happens to Davis' body? Why does Davis the good-hearted EMT suddenly become psycho-killer when Chloe admits she was trying to save Clark? What the heck happened to Jimmy's drug-addiction? How the heck could he afford that loft when he was broke just last episode? Why was Oliver crying over his death? How did Chloe not know about her own brother-in-law?

    You get the picture. Badly written all the way through -- enough plot-holes for a six-episode arc.

  11. The season finale was anticlimactic with lazy writing and deus ex machina stunt. It sums everything that went wrong in the second half of the season. They really need to plan better than this because this was not well-planned despite what they say.

  12. Brainy Pirate....THANK YOU!!! this episode made absolutely no sense, and the random ZOD appearance at the end didn't help at all...

  13. Cherry -- thank the folks at TWoP who have performed quite a thorough autopsy on the script. I have to confess that I was so caught up in whether Chloe would die that I didn't notice the gaping plot holes until I read them on that site.

  14. Either way I still stand what I said before they need to end the series next season and cut all this repetitive bull shit...

  15. I posted earlier saying the episode was horrible, BUT if you think about it they had to probably rewrite a lot of the last episodes. They did not know the show was even getting another season until half way through this season. Not a good excuse, but can explain some of the plot holes. They really did lose a good opportunity to make the show badass though. Clark will be spending the first half of next season realizing he needs Clark Kent still, then MAYBE we see him fly at the end of NEXT season.

  16. I'm really hoping that they clean a lot of this mess up in the season premiere. Clark said he didn't know how he survived the explosion, maybe he somehow got split (black Kryptonite, maybe?) and they're going to do the whole "Who's the real Superman" storyline. And all the Clarks have to band together to defeat Zod AND Doomsday, who also lived. Meanwhile, Lois is changing something in the past and none of this will ever happen, and the original Jimmy will be brought back, and nobody will recognize Clark Kent as Superman, except Chloe, who'll still be Watchtower after that reset button is pushed. There you go, season 9.

  17. I am VERY disappointed with last night's episode. The fight with Doomsday was a HUGE failure. So much build up, we all know Doomsday was th eonly one who can kill Superman, and then we get a 5 second run/flight from Clark to thos eunderground tunnel and Doomsday is defeated? Yeah right. I was glad Davis died tough, I can't stand the brat.

    Then there was the disappearance of Lois. Out of nowhere, she just vanished and wasn't part of the rest of the episode. BOO. Big time Boo.
    How about Jimmy? Are the flippin KIDDING me? They kill him off and fire Aaron Ashmore? So much is wrong about that.

    OMG, and then let me get to Bart Allen. I FLOVED having Kyle Gallner back on the episode, he's my favourite actor and I love Bart, so I was really psyched to see him. However, his appearance was underused. What did his character really add to the episode? Hell, what did Dinah nd Oliver's appearances add to the episode? They didn't do much beside show up and then betray Clark.

    Shame on you writers, shame on you!

  18. Worst episode so far. Why on earth does that orb thing unleash Zod? Wasnt it originally to take away Clarks powers incase someone tried to control him, Didnt Jor-el make it and if so why?
    Why is Lois now somewhere in time, thats stupid, is she that thick shes not gonna realise it was on Clarks desk.
    Doomsday obviously gets out at some point but terrible fight.
    All the rumours said a main female character would die, where was that? im guessing they thought there was gonna be a 10th series so changed it for then.

  19. I agree with everyone, this one was pretty bad, it made little to no sense.....why is Chloe so important to the Superman story, and why get rid of Jimmy Olsen? and what's up with Clark saying that Clark Kent is now dead? He's not even Superman yet, so who the heck is gonna become now? Very dissappointing!

  20. After last years awful season finale, I'd thought to give this season a shot. The episodes leading up to the finale were actually pretty good. That season finale was totally pathetic!!!!!!! I AM DONE WITH SMALLVILLE!!!! I refuse to watch a show that doesn't give a flip about it's fans and continue to pump out hot garbage every year with the same repetitive crap!!!!! I hope other people do the same and follow. Believe me the best message you can give a show like this, is to stop watching it!!!! Their are plenty of great shows out there getting canceled left and right and this show seems to survive with it's awful writing process.

    My message is clear, until a "SERIES" finale is created, I AM DONE!!!!!!

  21. Someone summed it all up - Chloe is not important to the Superman story. Jimmy Olsen is and yet, they kill him off.

    I have a feeling that Clark may have been split into two people - Clark and Kal-El. I think the Black K was attached to Doomsday for some reason.

  22. WOW Michael!great thoughts!
    If only!

  23. Epic FAIL. It was the worst SV season finale ever.

  24. But haven't we already had Kal-El take over before I don't know it's all getting redundant now. Why can't they just have Clark accept who he is and move the fuck on. Like I said before they need to spend the entire next season redeeming Clark because they have made a mockery of him, Clark Kent isn't a whiney, bratty, selfish, bitchy, crybaby Clark Kent is supposed to be a fricking hero who would drop what he's doing at the first sign of trouble to go save the flipping world. Not some punk that complains about every little thing he has to sacrifice.

    They need to show Clark becoming a man and stepping up, no more hinting at it, no more crybaby bullshit show him becoming full on superman and in the last episode show him standing atop the daily planet or something in the superman costume watching over the city and then show him flying off to save some chick in distress. (it aint perfect but it's better than what they gave us last night)

    Oh and stop using Lois as filler and comedy relief let her start playing her role in his life and get done with it.

    Next season should be the series finale, End of story that's how feel and unless they prove me wrong by having a kick-ass season that actually makes sense that's what I'm standing by.

  25. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the Doomsday-Clark fight supposed to put the Titan fight to shame?
    The fight consisted of what we saw in the promo, which I wasn't expecting, thought it would be longer.

  26. Agreed, they have had plently of opportunities to end the series with the best Superman ideals ever. One after defeating zod *the first time* but then again the zod arc was pretty pathetic in itself.

    However, this is the story of "Clark's" coming of age story so to speak. Heroes like Spider-man, Batman, and more as they are just starting always complain about what they give up. Yes, it's repeatative, but he's young he isn't suppose to understand immediately. With that said....

    He is turning his back on his human side hinting to a renewal of Kal-El. And lets face it superman has a bad case of split personalities in his old age. Clark Kent the man from earth, and Kal-el the savior of humanity season 9 is when they separate the two personalities to make the one hero, Superman.

    And lastly, it would be flippin sweet if they start season 9 with clark as superman dawning the black costume as a rebelous hero unsure of humanities purity. Then as he returns to his final Trial he Debuts with the Blue and Red to face off against his greatest enemy to end the series, Darkside.


  28. I was looking forward to this finale and it was a big let down. Shame on them.

  29. *Screams in agony*

  30. I think something happened in the expolsion with clark and doomsday.And they killed Jimmy off because he's not the Jimmy thats important to Clark his little brother is.And the dude at the end was zod.

  31. well said Keitha.........WTF? sums it up...seriously...didn't expect that kind of episode!!!

  32. EVERYONE was out of character is this epi!

    Seriously, what's up with the writing?

    So, after teasing for most of the season that Chloe dies, and she doesn't, which im really glad about, they decide to leave her alive yet all alone? Chloe's been through enough this season. Alien invading her bodies, marraige disrupted by a monster, calming the Davis's inner beast down, and then ending up with killing both Jimmy AND human Davis? As well as having Lois disappear and Clark deciding to abandon her at a time like this. Even Allison's acting seemed a bit off.. Maybe cuz she knew that this shouldn't happen to Chloe.

    Fine, they say that Jimmy was too old to be the DC Jimmy, which I completely disagree, did they still have to kill him off? What about his drug addiction storyline? What about him knowing Clark's secret? And what's up with Clark telling Jimmy to trust him and then ending up getting killed? Well, if they wanna kill him off that badly, fine. What about human Davis? They've been talking about separating Doomsday and Davis for a LONG time, and when they finally do, Davis turns into a maniac and kills Jimmy, then dies? If they wanted him dead, then they shouldn't have separated him and Doomsday in the first play and let him die in that explosion.. Would've been more in character that way. They could've at least killed Jimmy in another way and made human Davis survive and be with Chloe. She might not love him as much as she loves Jimmy, but a part of her did love Davis and it was very visible. One of these 2 guys dying would've been enough.. I really don't see why they both had to die.. If they wanted 2 to die so badly, they could've killed Tess instead of Davis or Jimmy. Having this new Zod thing kill Tess instead of just showing up there would've been much more entertaining.

    Lois disappearing with the ring really pissed me off. They should've showed us where she ended up BEFORE the episode ended. Also, the Lois and Tess fight was longer/better than the Clark and Doomsday fight.. Oh, the irony lol..

    The league did absolutely nothing.. Tried to stop Clark from doing what he wanted, yet what Clark wanted to happen happened.. Jimmy died as a result.. Oliver was the one who ended up feelng guilty and started crying, while that should've been Clark. Then Clark rambles about how he needs to stop being too emotional, while he should live up to what Superman should be by now.. It's been 8 years and he still repeats what he used to do, thinking that cutting everyone off would help..

    And the Legion guy from the future.. What was up with that? The dude shows up says that Clark will die, gives him the ring, tells him to bring Doomsday to them and leaves.. Then, Clark doesn't die, Doomsday gets trapped somewhere in the Earth, the ring gets into Lois's fingers due to a stupid fight wiht Tess that started for no apparent reason, and that's pretty much.. Does his appearance make sense? Not at all since whatever didn;t come true in the first place..

    Overall, the episode was OK. What's really ticking me off is all the build-up in the past several episodes gave me very high expectations in this episode that I didn't get back. The past episodes after the Lana is Bach Arc were REALLY GOOD and exciting and engaging which made me belive that this finale would be AMAZING.. But it was just OK.. The do deaths were SO unneeded and uncalled for especially with Davis acting the way he did.. Davis dying with Doomsday being in him would've been fine with me. Jimmy dying in order to protect Chloe from Doomsday/Monster Davis would've been fine with me too. But human Davis kills Jimmy out of nowhere then Jimmy, while dying, kills human Davis, all of this right in front of Chloe, was VERY stupid and very poorly written. Killing characters off to surprise the viewers ONLY works properly when the characters die in a believable, sensable way. Human Davis was VERY out of character, as well as Clark, Tess, and even Chloe.. This, along with leaving Chloe alone with nobody whatsoever to console her, was VERY disappointing and painful for me to watch. I wasn't used to see a smallville episode that was THIS poorly written and out of character.

    Enough rambling, lol.


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