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Comic Con Spoilers

TVG Mega-Minute from Chuck, Lost, Smallville, Legend of the Seeker news from Comic Con
News for Smallville is about Erica Durance's episode count for season 9

Comic Con 2009 Cassidy Freeman, Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders interviews

Comic Con 2009 Allison Mack Interview

Superhero Outfit

Update: 29th July Looks like ComicBook punked. Confirmed as Fan Made.

Source: Comicbookmovie

Erica Durance - Comic-Con Interview

Source: Daemonstv

Latest from Kristin

Michelle in San Francisco: Thanks for the Smallville news from Comic-Con! Please explain more about the younger version of Zod. If Krypton has not been destroyed yet, does that mean Clark can change his destiny and save his people?
That's exactly what we asked executive producer Brian Peterson. "We're introducing [Callum Blue] as Major Zod, before he even turns into General Zod, so we get to see his trajectory into becoming the villain he's known as. We've never had a Kryptonian living on Earth with Clark for an entire season, and [to see] how that affects Clark's journey," says Peterson. "We're going to be exploring a lot of that this year, without trying to do too much time jumping and alternate universes. We're going to try to explore the relationship between Zod and Clark, and what if that were different? Zod and Jor-El, and what if that had been different in the past? In the first six episodes, we're going to get to it pretty quickly.…

Justin Hartley - Comic-Con Interview

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Episode 9.04 - Echo - Casting Sides

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Season 9 preview- from Comic Con

Thanks to Hells Bells for the heads up and to nnaabbiillee for taking the video. Hopefully we'll get a better version soon.

Smallville 2009 Comic Con FULL Panel Video

Video courtesy of OSCK this is the full video of the panel- sorry no spoiler clip but gorgeous video of the cast with good audio.

Smallville - Live Comic-Con Panel

Update: Here is a summary so far.

Brian and Kelly just teased that we may see a living Jor-El in the new season. (Eyes peeled in episode 2 for news on that)

Callum Blue tells us he is Major Zod, not general yet. He's younger and more manic.

Erica says Lois comes back from future w/ amnesia and she'll be getting flashes she doesn't understand.

Justin Hartley says Clark and Oliver will never be best friends

Chloe and Clark's friendship now? "They have a little bit of a rocky start," so tune in, says Kelly.

Brian says they are thinking of doing a Green Arrow sidekick story as we speak.

Brian: "Just as Clark falls for Lois, she's falling for someone else." (Superman, perhaps?)

Q: Is there a chance for love for Clark and Chloe? Allison says that's "dead in the water" and Clark is a little occupied with other women. Chloe will be dealing with the loss of Jimmy and stepping into more of a powerful position, so she won't have time for a lo…

Smallville - Season 9 Spoilers

You never know who you're going to randomly bump into here at Comic-Con. Take last night. I'm innocently munching on a spicy tuna roll at Warner Bros' Asian-themed cocktail reception and who should wander over to say hello but Smallville exec producer Brian Peterson. Good times, right? It gets better. The dude, who's in town for the show's historic Con panel on Sunday, talked my ear off about his blockbuster plans for season 9 and beyond. What follows after the jump are some of the highlights…

* Season 9's theme is "Clark's darkest hour."

* Look for a season-long love triangle with Clark, Lois, and Red-Blue Blur.

* Chloe, still grieving over Jimmy's death, will immerse herself in all things Watchtowerish. Peterson also hinted at some tension for Chlark when she realizes she's no longer content just being his sidekick.

* We'll find out why Clark isn't flying in a scene with him and Jor-El (the returning Terence Stamp) in the season pre…

Sneak Peek- Smallville Super Suit


Tom Welling at Comic-Con

Note to those Smallville fans planning to attend Sunday’s event at Comic-Con: You may want to get in line now because a very special guest has just been added to the panel.

Tom freakin’ Welling!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Welling will make his first-ever Con appearance at the show’s panel discussion on Sunday. He joins exec producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, as well as fellow cast members Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Cassidy Freeman, Justin Hartley and Callum Blue.

This will mark the first time in Smallville history that the entire current cast will be assembled for Comic-Con.

And I repeat: Get in line NOW!

Source: EW

A Costume for Clark?

Fans are Twittering over a "tip" posted at AICN that alleges that Warner Bros. representatives have been randomly pulling fans aside at Comic-Con throughout the show to show them a costume that will be worn by Tom Welling as Clark in Season 9.

The costume has been described as "one suit," with the top being blue in the front and the back and red on the sides and arms, with blue trousers with rede on the sides. There is "no cape" and the "S" is "protruding out." Allegedly this was shown on a stand that could be walked around.

It does seem likely that Clark's "new approach" WILL be a costume of some sort, so do not be surprised if that at leastturns out to be true. However, at this point we cannot confirm if these "pulling aside" moments have really happened. Since AICN's tipsters also claimed the season premiere is called "Superman" (wrong), it's very likely some of this is only partial truth.

The …

Episode 9.03 - Rabid

Episode 9.03 will be called Rabid

Source: KryptonSite

New Site Design, New Features and Call for Recappers

Hi All,

As you may have noticed the site has undergone a bit of a revamp thanks to my good friend Matt who has helped with the new design. We hope that you find the navigation a bit cleaner and that the site should load a bit quicker.

We are also working on the ability for you to select different Themes for how the site looks eg a a Fringe Theme, True Blood Theme, Lost Theme etc. These will be coming shortly. Below is a sneak peek of what the site might look like.

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Latest from Ausiello

Question: I'm looking for a major Smallville scoop. --Corina
Ausiello: You found it: The iconic "S" symbol will be all over the show in season 9. Including on Clark's chest.

Question: I'll give you a dollar if you have any scoop on the rumor circulating that after season 9 of Smallville there may be a spin-off called Metropolis. --Tan
Ausiello: My peeps at Warner Bros. are still insisting that some drunk fan probably made that up nothing like that is being discussed at the moment. Now for the awkward part: I'd like my dollar. I accept cash or Diners Club.

Source: EW

Latest from TV Guide Magazine

Clark Kent’s new nemesis in Smallville’s ninth season will be Phantom Zone reject General Zod, played by 31-year-old Brit Callum Blue, whose credits include Dead Like Me and The Tudors.

But seems Supes may have another force to reckon with within his very own junior Justice League. Justin Hartley, who plays Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, recently met with his producers who told him, “Oliver will be more and more fed up with the whole [superhero] thing and on a downward spiral. I also hear he may be revisiting the Lois [romance].” Hmm...seems a poison arrow could be headed right through Clark’s heart.

Who do you like Lois with? Superman or Green Arrow?

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Justin Hartley Interview

Justin spoke to at the Saturn Awards last month- here is their interview where he talks about playing the Green Arrow

Latest from Ausiello

Question: Ever since the news of Callum Blue being cast as Zod on Smallville was reported, there is one question we are all dying to know: Was the "Mason" role, in fact, Zod? --C.B.
Ausiello: Yep, it sure was. Speaking of which, Justin Hartley doesn't think a Green Arrow-Zod face-off is in the cards next season. "I have the good sense in my head to let Clark deal with [him]," he says with a laugh. "I'll stick to dealing with the ladies. Why would I start something with that guy? That guy looks tall in photos. I don't need a piece of that guy."

Question: Could you kindly tell us Smallville fans what Season 9 will be about? --Colin
Ausiello: According to Justin Hartley, a portion of it will be about Oliver confronting his demons. "I think he is going to struggle with the things he has been afforded [as a result of] his powers," he says. "He has sacrificed things and done things that haunt him… It's bad stuff. We need to get to th…