A Costume for Clark?

Fans are Twittering over a "tip" posted at AICN that alleges that Warner Bros. representatives have been randomly pulling fans aside at Comic-Con throughout the show to show them a costume that will be worn by Tom Welling as Clark in Season 9.

The costume has been described as "one suit," with the top being blue in the front and the back and red on the sides and arms, with blue trousers with rede on the sides. There is "no cape" and the "S" is "protruding out." Allegedly this was shown on a stand that could be walked around.

It does seem likely that Clark's "new approach" WILL be a costume of some sort, so do not be surprised if that at leastturns out to be true. However, at this point we cannot confirm if these "pulling aside" moments have really happened. Since AICN's tipsters also claimed the season premiere is called "Superman" (wrong), it's very likely some of this is only partial truth.

The tipster also alleges that Tom Welling will be at Sunday's panel - his first Comic-Con appearance ever - and that he will come wearing the costume. We're also skeptical of that latter part as well. Tom appearing would mean the entire regular cast of the show is appearing, which is great, and there is no doubt that a Welling appearance would make a lot of people very happy (and take the heat off of TPTB from getting grilled about "Doomsday," which is always a good thing). But the usually media-shy Tom Welling- wearing a costume in front of an audience of thousands of people? Sounds very unlikely. We shall see....

Please keep in mind that rumors are, at their core, speculation, and with all of the mass communication through social networking, anyone and everyone can make up a story. Which is not to say this story is entirely made up; just remember to approach this with caution until there is an official announcement.

The Comic-Con panel for Smallville will happen on Sunday morning, July 26.

Source: KryptonSite


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