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Clark Kent’s new nemesis in Smallville’s ninth season will be Phantom Zone reject General Zod, played by 31-year-old Brit Callum Blue, whose credits include Dead Like Me and The Tudors.

But seems Supes may have another force to reckon with within his very own junior Justice League. Justin Hartley, who plays Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, recently met with his producers who told him, “Oliver will be more and more fed up with the whole [superhero] thing and on a downward spiral. I also hear he may be revisiting the Lois [romance].” Hmm...seems a poison arrow could be headed right through Clark’s heart.

Who do you like Lois with? Superman or Green Arrow?

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  1. In answer to your Oliver or Clark for Lois.... NEITHER. At least not in this universe - I don't like either relationship, well... I didn't mind Lois/Oliver for the time they were together, but then that kinda ended when she put the close button on that relationship.

    And I'm VERY EXCITED FOR CALLUM BLUE - his days as Mason on Dead Like Me were awesome and he's amazing.


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