Smallville - Season 9 Spoilers

You never know who you're going to randomly bump into here at Comic-Con. Take last night. I'm innocently munching on a spicy tuna roll at Warner Bros' Asian-themed cocktail reception and who should wander over to say hello but Smallville exec producer Brian Peterson. Good times, right? It gets better. The dude, who's in town for the show's historic Con panel on Sunday, talked my ear off about his blockbuster plans for season 9 and beyond. What follows after the jump are some of the highlights…

* Season 9's theme is "Clark's darkest hour."

* Look for a season-long love triangle with Clark, Lois, and Red-Blue Blur.

* Chloe, still grieving over Jimmy's death, will immerse herself in all things Watchtowerish. Peterson also hinted at some tension for Chlark when she realizes she's no longer content just being his sidekick.

* We'll find out why Clark isn't flying in a scene with him and Jor-El (the returning Terence Stamp) in the season premiere.

* Footage of Brian Austin Green as Metallo will be unveiled at tomorrow's Con panel. As of now, he's on board for two episodes, but Peterson says they're hopeful he'll do more.

* The episode they're currently shooting (either 9.02 or 9.03) focuses on Oliver's downward spiral.

* Battlestar Galactica's Alessandro Juliani will reprise his role as Dr. Emil Hamilton for several episodes this season.

* Story-wise, Peterson is not approaching this season as Smallville's last.

* I saved the best for last: Peterson recently had dinner with Michael Rosenbaum. Interpret as you like.

Source: EW


  1. Luke James Farmer26 July 2009 at 15:49

    Wow, that's great, well done for getting this info, really looking forwards to this season, since season 8 really brought this series back to its peak (in my opinion).
    Kind of interested about the Michael Rosenbaum part, but could it just be dinner or is there something there?


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